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We have an exciting team of researchers working on a range of projects that aim to prevent and/or delay dementia. Read More


FreeDem Films aim to address your fears about memory loss and dementia and provide practical advice about brain health. Read More


The NEIL Program: research and interventions to enhance cognitive function and delay dementia. Read More


Hello Brain provides easy-to-understand information about brain health. Read More


We need your help! We are currently recruiting research volunteers aged 50+ for a number of projects. Read More

NEIL Vision: To develop, evaluate and deliver NeuroEnhancement to older people worldwide.
Problem: Failing cognitive function prevents millions of older adults globally from living independently.
Goal: Enable independent living and improve quality of life by:

  • Conducting research aimed at dementia prevention and cognitive enhancement;
  • Transforming this knowledge into empirically grounded interventions;
  • Using this knowledge to educate and empower older adults to maintain their cognitive function for as long as possible.


"Say Hello to Brain Health": Free Talk on Thursday 26th November
Prof Sabina Brennan will give a free brain health talk in Clontarf Castle at 7.30pm on 26th November. Click here to visist the event website and register for a place. Read more...

Volunteers required to complete short online survey
We are interested in hearing your opinions about a series of short films developed by the NEIL Programme. If you would like to take part, please click this link to visit the study webpage, and complete one of the 10 surveys shown.

Last updated 29 October 2015

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