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At Trinity College, aspects of Microbiology are taught as part of the curriculum in the Junior and Senior Fresh years of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme ( ). Suitably qualified students may specialise in Microbiology in the Sophister years. The course advisor  Prof. Joan Geoghegan  should be consulted in the first instance concerning entry requirements. Sophister Microbiology courses consist of lectures, laboratory practical classes, tutorials, seminars, research essays and a research project. The Sophister courses run over two years and encompass microbial and molecular genetics, cellular and molecular biology, microbial pathogenesis and medical microbiology, immunology, virology, and applied aspects of microbiology and biotechnology. In the Junior Sophister year, additional courses are taken in the Department of Genetics and the School of Biochemistry and Immunology.

The Senior Sophister year consists of core courses in Molecular and Cell Biology, in Microbial Pathogenicity, and in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Students are also offered approximately ten optional courses in specialised areas of modern Microbiology, from which they must choose at least three. In addition, students carry out a full-time, nine-week research project, usually in the laboratory of one of the department's research groups. Microbiology graduates find employment in research laboratories in universities, research institutes, industry, hospitals, in the scientific civil service, police forensic laboratories, public health laboratories, quality control laboratories in the food, dairy and beverage industries, as well as areas such as education, scientific publishing, technical sales, technical services, marketing and in management.


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