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Authenticity Tours Ltd, Official Providers of Trinity Tours

Scheduled Student-led Guided Tours of the Historic College Campus (with Admission to the Old Library and the Book of Kells)

Suitable for individual visitors, family parties and small groups, scheduled tours of the College operate throughout most of the year.
Please Note: The Schedule, Notifications and Pricing displayed at the Front Gate always take precedence over information available through any other medium (including this page).
Please Note: Currently it is not possible to purchase tickets for a Guided Tour of the College online.

How do I take a Guided Tour?

Visitors need only turn up at Front Gate of the College, purchase their tickets from the Authenticity Tours Desk and take the next available tour. It is not possible to book for a scheduled tour of the College.

Spring Tour Schedule 2016 (April onwards)

10:15, 10:40, 11:05, 11:35, 12:10, 12:45, 13:35, 14:15, 15:00, 15:40*

Sunday & Bank Holidays
11:35, 12:10, 12:45, 13:25, 14:00, 14:25, 14:50, 15:15

Monday through Friday
All of the guides who work for Authenticity Tours are students. The month of April and into May is the Examination period for the University. Capacity to provide tours is assessed on a weekly basis; long term scheduling is not possible. The operating schedule for Monday through Friday in any week is displayed at the Front Gate of the College – the point at which Authenticity Tours sells tickets for its tour of the College and from which these tours depart. When Authenticity Tours is operating tours of the College on weekdays, the first scheduled tour of the day is ALWAYS at 10:15.

What does the Guided Tour give me?

The Authenticity Tours student-led guided tour of the College lasts 35 minutes, encompasses the four major historic squares of the College, provides an insight into the history of the College, its buildings and its historic context; it also gives an introduction to the Old Library and the Book of Kells. The Visitor may spend as much time in the Library area as they wish after the tour (and of course the exhibition dealing with the Book of Kells) - normally people spend about 30 minutes in the Library.

Where do I get a tour?

The tour departs from Front Gate, the historic entrance to the College. Tickets are purchased at the Front Gate from the Authenticity Tours Desk. Cash is the preferred means of payment; if a receipt is required one can be issued electronically after the fact.

What does the tour cost?

The price of a combination ticket comprising the cost of a tour of Trinity College provided by Authenticity Tours with admission to the Old Library:

  • Adults (persons older than 18 years of age): €13.00 per person
  • Concessions (Senior Citizens of 65-or-older, University Students with ID, Adult Groups of 10 or more): €12.00 per person
  • Family Combination Ticket: (2 Adult family members + up to 4 children, 18 years and under): €26.00
  • School Students (18 years and under - accompanied by Teachers): €11.00 per person – April 1st thru Sept 30th
  • School Students (18 years and under - accompanied by Teachers): €7.00 per person – October 1st thru March 30th

The price of a combination ticket is consolidated and pre-discounted.

Actually I have a ticket for the Old Library already/I don't want to see the Old Library

It is, of course possible to take a tour of Trinity College provided by Authenticity Tours without admission to the Old Library and the Book of Kells - this costs €6.00.

University/School/Corporate Group Tours of the Historic College Campus

For larger University/School/Corporate Groups it may be possible for Authenticity Tours to facilitate a guided tour of the College outside of the scheduled times subject to both prior arrangement and guide availability. We reserve the right to determine whether a query regarding a Group Tour can be facilitated by means of Authenticity Tours’ operating schedule.
University/School/Corporate Group tours may be so organised as to include Admission to the Old Library & the Book of Kells – these are only possible during the Old Library’s Opening Hours - or may focus solely upon the College and its grounds.
The information above regarding Authenticity Tours’ campus tour content, departure point and cost pertains to University/School/Corporate Group tours as well.

University/School Groups

To enquire about a University/School Group booking the group leader/s should e-mail with as much information as possible but should certainly detail:

  • requested time
  • requested date
  • tour group size
  • tour group age range – full details - (this is important for School/University groups)

The group leader will receive an e-mail confirming if we can facilitate the Group Tour or not and will also be given the price for the tour.

Corporate Groups

We are conscious that often those set the task of trying to organise a Corporate Group Tour of the College are acting on behalf of others: the provision of as much detail as possible is appreciated as this greatly saves on time on both sides. Enquiries about Corporate Group Bookings should be e-mailed to
The query should include:

  • requested time
  • requested date
  • tour group size

We will reply as quickly as possible confirming if we can facilitate the Group Tour or not and will also be given the price for the tour.

Further Queries?

Any further queries concerning Authenticity Tours guided tours of the College tours may be addressed to .
Any further queries concerning the Old Library and the Book of Kells only may be addressed to


Authenticity Tours Ltd, which operates the tours of the College campus, wishes to ensure that all of its visitors and customers have a positive experience of the tour which the company provides and of Trinity College Dublin.
Visitors are asked to bear in mind that, when visiting Trinity College Dublin, they are entering a functioning University: the academic work of the University, its teaching, learning and research take precedence over tourism.

Guides employed to work for Authenticity Tours in the provision of tours of the campus are all students – undergraduate and postgraduate – individual guides' academic duties may change during the course of term, this may have an unpredictable impact upon tour scheduling.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information on this page is correct, Authenticity Tours Ltd is not bound by errors on or omissions from this page. Please note that, from time to time, changes do occur within the operating structure of the College which have an impact upon Authenticity Tours’ capacity to operate tours of the College as notified upon this page as such the information provided here must be considered to be a guide only.

Joseph O'Gorman 
Authenticity Tours Ltd
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