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Friends of the Library

Why not give a gift of membership of the Friends of the Library for Christmas or indeed a birthday or anniversary present? For just €30 you and a guest enjoy free admission to the Old Library and the Book of Kells Exhibition and the exhibitions in the Long Room; notification of a variety of evening lectures preceded by Commons, the traditional evening meal in College; private viewings of Long Room exhibitions; annual outings; a newsletter; and, convivial company! If interested please contact Paul Ferguson at +353 1 8961544 or

The Friends of the Library is a society interested in increasing knowledge and enjoyment of the Library’s collections. The Friends publicise the activities of the Library and contribute towards the purchase of books and equipment over and above what can be purchased from normal sources.

The minimum annual membership fee is €30. Further information is available from Paul Ferguson.

Subscriptions may be made by sending a cheque made payable to "Friends of the Library" to:

Friends of the Library
Trinity College Library Dublin
College Street
Dublin 2

Those wishing to subscribe by credit card etc. should contact Paul Ferguson for instructions.

The Friends have over 500 members in Ireland, Britain, Europe and North America. The Book of Kells, housed in the Library, is one of the leading attractions in Dublin and many visitors to the Library join the society. Hence the Friends has a worldwide membership united by a common interest in books and book collecting, scholarship, Irish studies, and in the collections of Trinity College Library Dublin. Membership confers many practical benefits:

Free Admission to the Book of Kells

Members of the Friends enjoy free admission for themselves and a guest to see the Book of Kells and Colonnades exhibitions throughout the year.


Arrangements will be made for Friends to have a private viewing of new exhibitions.

Lectures and Meals

Evening lectures are given during each term on a variety of topics by guest speakers. Lectures are preceded by Commons, the traditional evening meal in College. See the Trinity College Library Dublin Exhibitions and Events page for more details.

The Friends of the Library will be notified of these lectures by post as usual or by e-mail if it has been supplied to us. Every effort is made to give the correct information. In the event or a lecture being changed or cancelled, please check Trinity College Library Dublin News on the date of the particular lecture for up-to-date information.

Outings and Trips Abroad

Visits are arranged each summer to other libraries and collections. These may be day trips or long weekends, and in recent years enjoyable visits have been made to the libraries of Rome, Athlone, Prague, Belfast and Bruges.

Long Room Journal and Newsletter

The Friends publish a bi-annual journal entitled Long Room and an informal twice-yearly newsletter. The society has also published a series of pamphlets and facsimilies, including Jonathan Swift’s Will, and Charles Brooking’s Map of Dublin, 1128.

Named after the Library’s splendid Long Room in the Old Library, designed by Thomas Burgh in the early 18th century, Long Room contains articles on the Library’s collections and on Irish bibliography. It is the only journal devoted to the history of books and publishing in Ireland. Both the newsletter and Long Room are issued free to members of the Friends.

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