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Roslyn Fuller

Rosalyn Fuller]

Ph.D. Candidate

c/o Law School
House 39
Trinity College, Dublin 2

Fax: (01) 677 0449
Email: roslyn.fuller [at]

Ph.D. Thesis: A Comparative Study of Fundamental Rights in South Africa and Ireland with Specific Emphasis on Equality and Human Dignity

Supervisor: Professor William Binchy

Areas of Interest:

Democracy and international law


Roslyn Fuller grew up on the icy plains of Canada. She turned down several entrance scholarships to Canadian universities and moved to Germany at the age of nineteen. She learned German at the Technische Universitaet Clausthal-Zellerfeld and studied law, with a specialization in public international law and legal philosophy, at the Georgia-Augusta-Universitaet, Goettingen, where she passed the first State Bar Exam in late 2005 with the highest mark ever awarded to a non-German speaker. Since 2006 she has been completing her postgraduate degree at Trinity College. She has worked as an undergraduate assistant, coach of the Goettingen Moot Court Team, freelance legal translator and copy-editor, and as a Visa Officer at the German Embassy, Dublin.

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  • "Das verfassungsrechtlich Verhaltnis Irlands zum Prozess der Eropaischen Integration" [2008] NVwZ-E Nxtra (Neue Zeitschrift fuer Verwaltungsrecht).

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