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Transferable skills / Translation

Hilary Term 2007

We'll continue working on the following skills in the Translation Strategies course:

  1. Time management
  2. Team work.
  3. Written communication
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Coping with multiple tasks

Hilary Term Week 1

Based on Thinking Italian Translation Chapters 9 and 10 have a number of good texts and activities. Based on these, here are the Transferable Skills we will work on:

HT Week 1 – in class – presentation skills and teamwork

Study the concepts of 'attitudinal meaning' and 'associative meaning' on pages 94-95 of the textbook, and, working in groups of 3, generate further examples of alternative ways of expressing different words. Each group nominates one member to present and explain their chosen solutions using OHPs.

Do a gist translation in class using the categories developed in the activities.

For HT Week 2 – Time Management

........ First, please take a look at the
general page on Time Management ........

Study the concepts of 'allusive meaning', 'reflected meaning', 'collocative meaning' and 'affective meaning' from pages 96-99 of the textbook; be prepared to stand up in the class in HT Week 2 and give a DIFFERENT example of each category from the ones mentioned by the textbook authors. By Friday of Week 2, hand in your answers to the exercise for HT Week 2 ( As you work on this project, note your time use under the following headings:

  • time spent studying the 4 categories
  • time spent completing the exercise
Coming soon – Survey of academic time use

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