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Transferable skills

When you do a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures, you learn a great deal of knowledge specific to the individual languages and cultures that you have chosen. But there are also many other skills implicit in your discipline, and the Careers Service of Trinity College, together with Waterford Institute of Technology and Dublin City University, has carried out a pilot project to identify and enhance those "incidental" skills - which may be anything but incidental when it comes to using your education as a background to your working life.

Italian was one of the languages taking part in the Transferable Skills project, and we were delighted when the project won the European Award for Languages - the Language Label 2005. (If you click on the link, our group is at the bottom of the page. TCD Italian student Liviu Caliman is featured on the same page, receiving his Language Learner award from the Minister for Education and Science.)

The theory of Transferable Skills for modern linguists is set out on the main project page. It's not that we are turning our broad educational aims into job training. It's just that linguists are very valuable people to have in the workforce, and not always for the most obvious reasons.

We have explored the skills potential of two elements in our Sophister courses: oral language (conversation classes) with Junior and Senior Sophisters; and Translation Strategies (Junior Sophisters only).


Why these courses?

This page will set out why we believe that our oral and translation classes can unlock the following key skills identified by students, academics, alumni and employers who were surveyed for theTransferable Skills Project:

1. Oral communication
2. Time management
3. Team work.
4 Written communication
5. Presentation skills
6. Coping with multiple tasks
7. Managing one's own learning

Which course might help to develop which skills?

Click on the the links [oral | translation] ....

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