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Useful Links

Italian sites on the Web are constantly expanding, and many addresses keep changing. Most of the following links direct you to intermediate sites which maintain up-to-date links to current language and literature resources. However, you may find that some of the onward links are unavailable.

Buy Italian Books & Videos direct from Italy on the web.

Try While we are not offering any guarantees, staff and students of the Department have found the service and value very good on this site. The associated "" showbusiness & culture site offers news of the Italian book world. NEW: We have recently been informed of a new service, Libreria Universitaria, aimed at university book buyers. We're wlling to try it out.

PLEASE - Remember to follow the MHRA Style Guide when presenting extended assignments at sophister level.

  • Two sites for Italians in Ireland: Irlandando and Irlandiani.
  • Our Students' Experiences with Language Schools in Italy -- IN THEIR OWN WORDS.
  • Italian Language Schools in Italy listed by ASILS, an Association which aims "to guarantee the quality of instruction and professional level of services offered to students". We can also offersome details of our own students' experiences with language schools in Italy (see above).
  • Learn Italian: another site about language schools in Italy, together with some language learning links.
  • UPDATED: Postgraduate courses in Translation & Translation Studies -- a listing of some taught graduate courses in several countries where you can pursue interests in the field of translation, using Italian. Research postgraduate degrees in Translation Studies can be taken in many other universities, including Trinity College Dublin.
  • BBC Italian language pages, with some useful links to language-learning sites.
  • Links to world languages -- dozens and dozens of them. Thanks to Aurora for this link.
  • Voice of the Shuttle A pioneering compendium of sites for study in the humanities, created by Professor Alan Liu of the English Department, University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • La Rivoluzione Liberale -- full texts from one of the most important Italian periodicals of the early twentieth century.
  • Find dozens of Italian newspapers in the big listing of world media resources on the Swiss site, Webdo.
  • Website of Italia Stampa, long-established newspaper of the Italian community in Ireland
  • CLCS Language Resources, Trinity College Dublin A stimulating set of categories, links and ideas to help you learn Italian by actively exploring the Web.
  • "Italian literature in HTML" , otherwise known as the "Antologia frammentaria della letteratura italiana" is a set of downloadable Italian literature resources on the server. The selection is useful, but has not expanded much in recent times.
  • Tuttitalia Large directory of Italian Web resources, maintained by Giuliano Merz of the University of Innsbruck. Try the related Culturitalia page also. (Not all links work.)
  • La Stampa One of Italy's foremost newspapers, published daily in an attractive Web edition.
  • CTI Centre for Modern Languages Excellent site on technology-assisted language learning maintained by the Computers in Teaching Intiative at the University of Hull. Their section of "Internet Resources for Language Teachers" includes a good Italian section.
  • Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti The Italian Translators' and Interpreters' Association homepage includes many useful links.
  • UPDATED SITE LiteraryTranslation, a relaunched site from the British Council and the British Centre for Literary Translation. The "workshops" section includes notes on some translation issues and fine articles on translation from Almodovar to Asterix and beyond.
  • NEW: - Read a blog by students and staff in the Italian Department of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Le universita' italiane Websites of most Italian universities.
  • Society for Italian Studies The web site of this academic society, which organises regular conferences and publishes the journal Italian Studies, is maintained by the Italian Department in the University of Leeds, which also produces the very useful and reasonably priced LUISA grammar revision software for PC.
  • Anna Mazzoldi's Italian translation links. An ageing but still useful collation of resources by an Italian translator and linguist resident in Ireland.
  • We welcome further suggestions of sites for inclusion in this page.

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