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IT Security
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IT Security Week 2015

During IT Security week (26- 30 January 2015), we posted a news item to our website each day that offered tips and guidance on the latest IT Security developments. You can review these items below to amke sure you are up to date with the latest IT Security developments.

MONDAY - IT Security Week: Is your password on the list of worst Internet Passwords for 2014? The week kicked off with an article on secure passwords. For the second year in a row, ‘123456’ topped the list of Worst Internet Passwords. See how your passwords rank and find out what you can to do to create safe passwords.

TUESDAY - IT Security Week: Can you spot a ‘phishing email’? Phishing is a significant issue for email users, read this article and make sure that you can identify a phishing email in your inbox today.

WEDNESDAY - IT Security Week: Data Protection Day 2015 – Did you know that over half of Irish Organisations experienced a data breach last year? -A recent survey of Irish Organisations found that more than half had experienced a data breach in the last year and the biggest cause was not hackers or other external threats but the behaviour of the companies own employees!

THURSDAY -IT Security Week: Protecting your Personal Information - We all have information worth protecting; financial data, medical information, usernames, passwords, passcodes and PINs to name but a few. Protecting this information was much easier when it was mainly stored in physical files and folders and could be locked securely away, but now that it is online how safe and secure is your personal information?

FRIDAY - Protect your Personal Information - Tips and hints for safegarding your important personal infomration on computing devices and the internet



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