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IT Security
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Account and Passwords

It is important that all users set a secure password on every account that is assigned to them on University IT resources.

All users should select passwords that they can remember easily, but which will be difficult for anyone to guess. Do not share your password, and do not write it down and leave it near to the resource that it allows access to!

It is also important to change passwords regularly, the longer a password is in use the more likely it is to have been made known to others in some way.

Over time a password could be observed by another individual, or electronically detected by a malicious user or by spyware which has become resident on a computer.

Remember: Your accounts and passwords identify you on all College IT resources. Disclosing your accounts and passwords allows others to perform tasks in your name which you will be held accountable for.

Look through the password related resources provided below today and make sure that you have a secure password.


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