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Dr Yvonne ScottDr Yvonne Scott

Director, Triarc (Trinity College Irish Art Research Centre)

Research interests

I am particularly interested in two, overlapping fields of research. The first of these, Modern and Contemporary art has led to various projects (exhibitions, symposia, and publications) on artists from Ireland and elsewhere, as diverse as Paul Klee, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jack Yeats, Louis le Brocquy, Patrick Scott and others. I also explore agendas in the representation of landscape, space and place. While the main focus is currently on Irish examples from the early twentieth century to the present, my interests are somewhat broader in practice, involving landscape imagery of any locations and periods, and engaging with a range of disciplinary approaches to interpretation, from philosophy to cultural geography. I am involved also in the Royal Irish Academy Irish art project, as contributor and chair of the advisory board for Volume V, to be published by RIA and Yale University Press.

Selected publications

  • Trinity's Collection in Context: an emerging collection of modern art in Ireland’, in Catherine Giltrap (ed), George Dawson: An Unbiased Eye, Dublin, Trinity College Dublin (2010), pp 41–56.
  • Moving Pictures: Art, Ireland and Migration’, in Jaynie Anderson (ed) Crossing Cultures, Conflict, Migration, Convergence, CIHA and Melbourne University Press (2009).
  • Jack B. Yeats, Old and New Departures, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2008, 144pp.
  • Size Matters: Landscape art in Ireland in an age of globalization’, in James Elkins and Rachel DeLue (eds), Landscape Theory, The Art Seminar, Routledge (2007), pp 252–59.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe's Landscapes: Modern and American’, in Richard D. Marshall (ed), Georgia O'Keeffe, Nature and Abstraction, Dublin and Vancouver, Irish Museum of Modern Art and Vancouver Art Gallery, 2007, pp 21–26.
  • Art in State Buildings 1995-2005’ in Penny Harris (ed), Art in State Buildings 1995-2005, Dublin, Office of Public Works, 2006, ppvii – xiv.
  • Louis le Brocquy, Allegory and Legend’ in, le Brocquy, Pierre le Brocquy and Virginia Teehan (eds), Louis le Brocquy, Allegory and Legend, Limerick, The Hunt Museum, 2006, pp 11–25.
  • The West as Metaphor, Dublin, Royal Hibernian Academy, 2005, 112pp


Most of my teaching is in aspects of Modern and Contemporary art, and I present courses in both international art, and in Irish art of the period. Other undergraduate teaching includes a course in Northern Art of the 15th-17th centuries, where I focus mainly on the historical and sociological context, the art market and on the representation of landscape. In addition to those courses for which I am responsible, I contribute to various other courses and modules including in Irish Studies.

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Contact Details

Department of the History of Art and Architecture,,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: 00 353 1 8962480
Fax: 00 353 1 8961438

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