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Professor Roger StalleyProfessor Roger Stalley

Professor Emeritus of the History of Art

Research interests

My research is chiefly concerned with issues involving architecture and sculpture in the middle ages. The dissemination of Gothic in the twelfth and thirteenth century is a key interest and I am the lead investigator in a research project devoted to Gothic in Ireland, funded by the Irish research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. I am also engaged in research on Irish sculpture of the ninth and tenth centuries, a project which extends to the role and status of the stone sculptor in the early middle ages. In addition, I am a member of a research group exploring a range of art historical issues associated with the Book of Kells.

Selected publications

  • The Cistercian monasteries of Ireland : an account of the history, art and architecture of the White Monks in Ireland from 1142-1540 (London & New Haven, 1987)
  • Early Medieval Architecture (Oxford 1999)
  • George Edmund Street and the restoration of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (Dublin, 2000)
  • ‘Sex, symbol and myth: some observations on the Irish round towers’ in Irish art from the early Christian to the late Gothic period and its European context, ed., C. Hourihane (Princeton, 2001), 27-47
  • ‘The Architecture of St Davids Cathedral: Chronology, Catastrophe and Design’, Antiquaries Journal, 82, 2002, 13-45
  • ‘Design and function: the construction and decoration of Cormac’s Chapel at Cashel’ in Ireland and Europe in the Twelfth Century. Reform and Renewal, eds., Damian Bracken and Dagmar O Riain-Raedel (Dublin, 2006), 162-75
  • ‘Lapides Reclamabunt: Art and engineering at Lincoln in the thirteenth century’, Antiquaries Journal, 86, 2006, 131-47
  • ‘The archbishop’s residence at Swords: castle or country retreat?’ in ed., Sean Duffy, Dublin VII (Dublin, 2006), 152-76
  • ‘Artistic Identity and the Irish Scripture Crosses’ in Making and Meaning, Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Insular Art, ed. Rachel Moss (Dublin, 2007), 153-66
  • ‘L'architecture gothique dans les iles britanniques: orientations et perspectives de la recherche’, Perspective, Actualites de la recherche en Histoire de l'Art, La revue de l'Institut National de l'Histoire de l'Art (Paris), II, (2), 2007, 261–280
  • Medieval Art and Architecture in Limerick and south-west Ireland (editor), British Archaeological Association Conference transactions (Leeds, forthcoming 2011)
  • ‘Style and Identity: early Gothic architecture in the archdiocese of Cashel’ in, Medieval Art and Architecture in Limerick and south-west Ireland


My teaching has concentrated on the art and architecture of the middle ages.  I have been responsible for a foundation course on classical and medieval architecture, and at a higher level for optional courses on the Gothic cathedral and on the art of the Romanesque era.  At masters level I teach an intensive seminar based course on early Irish art, covering a range of issues relating to manuscript illumination, metalwork and stone sculpture.

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Department of the History of Art and Architecture,,
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Telephone: 00 353 1 8962053
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