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Department of Hispanic Studies
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Spanish - 3rd year - Junior Sophister

Spanish Language

In their Junior Sophister year students attend two classes a week in Written Spanish and one in Spoken Spanish.


Courses in Spanish Linguistics and Literature:

Michaelmas Term Hilary Term

(Dr Grace Magnier)

Spanish Linguistics
(Dr Katerina García )
Spanish-American Novel
(Dr Ciaran Cosgrove)
Modern Spanish Novel
(Prof. James Whiston)



    • Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quijote (Part One),ed. Martín de Riquer (Planeta)

    Modern Spanish Novel
    • J. Valera, Pepita Jiménez, ed. L. Romero (Madrid: Cátedra)
    • B. Pérez Galdós, Tristana, ed. G. Minter (Bristol: Duckworth)
    • C.J. Cela, La familia de Pascual Duarte (Barcelona: Destino)
    • C. Martín Gaite, El cuarto de atrás (Barcelona: Destino)

    Spanish-American Novel
    • Manuel Puig, El beso de la mujer araña
    • Alejo Carpentier, El reino de este mundo
    • Juan Carlos Onetti, El pozo
    • José Maria Arguedas, Los ríos profundos
    • Juan Rulfo, Pedro Páramo


Students of Spanish must spend not less than two months in a Spanish-speaking country before their Moderatorship examination in Spanish. This regulation can be waived only in exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval of the Department.

Junior Sophister Course Information


All courses are offered subject to availability of lecturer.

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