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Spanish - 1st year - Junior Freshman

The first-year course is designed primarily to establish and consolidate competence in understanding and using the Spanish language. The course also comprises an 'Introduction to Modern Spain' and Introduction to the study of Spanish American Literature.

Spanish Language

Non-beginners are expected to attend five language classes each week, including one in Spoken Spanish and one in Listening Comprehension.

Beginners are expected to attend six language classes each week, including one in Spoken Spanish and one in Listening Comprehension. Beginners will need (inside and outside contact hours) a special commitment to language study and preparation; by the time of the examinations in May/June, it is expected that they will have reached the same level as non-beginners.


  • Herbert Ramsden, An Essential in Modern Spanish (London: Harrap)
  • a copy of a good course bilingual dictionary


Introduction to Modern Spain (Dr Bayó)

All Junior Freshmen (TSM - Two Subject Moderatorship & ES - European Studies) are expected to attend one lecture each week on the course Introduction to Modern Spain.


  • Martin Blinkhorn, Democracy and Civil War in Spain, 1931-1939 (Routledge)
  • John Hooper, The New Spaniards (Penguin)


Introduction to Spanish & Spanish American Literature (Dr O'Hagan, Dr Cosgrove, Dr Bayó)

Junior Freshmen (TSM - Two Subject Moderatorship) also attend one seminar each week on the course Spanish & Spanish American Literature.


  • Selection of poems (Departmental booklet)
  • F. García Lorca, La casa de Bernarda Alba, (ed. Ramsden, Manchester U.P.)
  • G. García Márquez, Crónica de una muerte anunciada
  • Ramón J. Sender, Requiem por un campesino español (ed. Patricia MacDermott, Manchester U.P.)

Junior Freshmen in the Two Subject Moderatorship degree course must also attend the course Introduction to Language Study given by the Centre for Language and Communication Studies (CLCS).


Junior Freshman Course Information

All courses are offered subject to availability of lecturer.

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