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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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List of tips for waste management, recycling & litter reduction:




  • Reduce the use of products which are all made up of valuable resources, this conserves resources for future generations and means less waste is produced.
  • Keep your local environment clean, don't litter and try to dispose of refuse in the appropriate recycling bins where available



  • Use your imagination to reuse what you would normally throw away.

  • Rewrite addresses on envelopes for mail where possible rather than throw them out after one use.

  • Use both sides of paper and keep old scrap paper for use instead of reminder notes.

  • When disposing of computer and electrical equipment contact your supplier to see if they will take it away for reuse/recycling.

Recycle - please click here to find out about recycling facilities on Campus.

  • Office manuals, calendars, diaries etc. can be recycled in the waste paper scheme once the covers and any glossy paper within is removed

  • If you have a large amount of cardboard a collection service is available by telephoning David Hackett at extension 1630 or by email: or you can leave it next to any wheelie bin in college where it will be picked up by the daily collection.

  • Recycle aluminium cans and glass bottles and jars at the following recycling points in college: Recycling points in college

  • Find out where the nearest recycling centre is and avail of the facilities provided - Dublin Corporation Bring Centres


Recycling Facilities Search


Locate your nearest recycling facility, bring bank or recycling centre with an easy to use search facility or alternatively download the ‘Recyclemore Search’ app.

To learn more about it click on:



Recycling Options on Campus




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