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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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On this webpage you can find out how you can help us reduce the use of once-use dispoable items such as coffee cups, plastic bottles and other disposable materials use and how you can help us increase sustainable food use.




You can find a list of tips for resource use and sustainable food by clicking on the 'What can I do' green button.

The 'Green Map' green button leads you to the green map page where you can find the Location of Sustainable Food and Drinks on campus.

The Catering Department at Trinity College seeks to engage with suppliers who are locally based. Our meats, poultry,dairy and fish are all Irish and our Fruit and Vegetable supplier is based in North Dublin , we are currently collating information from our supplier as to the percentage of our fruit and vegetables that are locally grown. We have recently reduced the number of suppliers and in turn reduced the number of required deliveries to the campus, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of trucks coming on site. We endeavour where possible to get suppliers to take back all packaging but this is still work in progress at this time. All teas served in our outlets are Fairtrade and all Coffee supplied is ethically sourced and accredited by Rainforest Alliance. We also segregate our Food waste and this is composted where possible.

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