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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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All data available on the Location of Sustainable Food and Drinks on campus can be found below:



View TCD Sustainable Food & Drinks in a larger map.


Summary of key Resource Use and Sustainable Food projects:

  • TCD Library move to electronic publications where possible resulting in massive reductions in paper consumption.

  • Double sided photocopying is available on most photocopying machines in TCD. In the libraries, advice is given on how to create a double sided copy.

  • Trinity College provides only Fairtrade certified coffee and tea at all college operated foodservice outlets throughout its campus. Over a quarter of a million cups of coffee & a similar volume of tea are consumed each year by TCD's students and staff.

  • TCD Sports centre promotion of showering pre swimming leading to substantial reduction in chemical use in pool.

  • Pool cover installed in swimming pool leading to reduction in energy use for heating pool and chemical use for treating.

  • The Pavilion Bar has initiated a disposable pint glass levy to reduce the number of disposable pint glasses given out and to encourage the reuse of plastic cups.
  • Water jugs are available in most catering facilities on campus which encourages the use of tap water over bottled water.
  • There are ~20 water fountains connected to mains water supply spread accross many areas of the College campus including the sports centre where bottle refilling facilities are provided. This encourages the reuse of bottles and decreases the use of bottled water.


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