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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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Recycling in residences:

It is the College policy to promote good environmental practices, where possible, in all spheres of College life. For reasons of economic and social cost, it is necessary to reduce the volume of refuse going to landfill. One practical measure is the segregation of waste for the purposes of recycling.

Most items from a household can now be recycled and TCD provides the service to do so. See the recycling facilities page for exact details and visit recyclemore ro have all your questions answered. In summary very few items should go to the 'Black' General waste stream.

Join the Green Home programme to make your home greener. This is free and is a self declaration of all the environmental impacts of your residence and gives guidelines and tips to improve your carbon footprint.

There is a "Green Bin" available in shared kitchens so that selected dry waste can be streamed for recycling. The items below are acceptable for recycling in this scheme:

  • Glass containers (go to the RED external bins)

  • Beverage cans

  • Food cans

  • Plastic bottles, cartons and packaging

  • Juice & milk cartons

  • Paper and cardboard

  • CDs and DVDs


On city campus the recycling stations nearest to residences are at: Botany Bay, (facing the Tennis Courts), the Rugby Pitch Carpark, Aras na Phiarsaigh, New Square and on the deck in Goldsmith Hall. Where space allows there are BLACK, GREEN, BLUE, RED AND BROWN bins. There are recycling facilities for office paper in all the libraries and adjacent to photocopying machines in all Departments. A map showing the locations of all recycling facilities and bins on Campus is available here: College Recycling Map

recycling bay at trinity hall dartry

What do I have to do?

Use the green bin provided in your kitchen to collect dry recyclables. Sort, and empty the contents into the appropriate containers at the nearest recycling station. Leave your folded cardboard at the recycling station for collection.

To make this scheme work we need the active participation and support of residents. In particular we ask residents to make the effort to stream material that can be recycled and take this material to the recycling stations on a regular basis.

You may recycle:

  1. Cans - beverage and food cans, these can be recycled in the green wheelie bins.

  2. Juice & Milk cartons - washed juice & milk cartons can be deposited in the green wheelie bins for recycling.

  3. Plastics - plastic bottles, cartons & packaging may be recycled in the green wheelie bins.

  4. Aluminium trays - washed aluminium food trays may be deposited in the green wheelie bins for recycling.

  5. CDs & DVDs - these may be deposited in the green wheelie bins for recycling.

  6. Paper - all types of paper (newspaper, office paper, magazines etc.) can be deposited in the blue wheelie bins on Campus.

  7. Bottles - please wash bottles containing drink, food, sauces, etc., before depositing them in the red wheelie bins.

  8. Cardboard - remove all packaging, fold the cardboard and deposited it in the green wheelie bins on Campus

  9. Printer Cartridges - inkjet and laser cartridges may be deposited in the special containers located in the SU Shop/House 6 or at the reception desks in the Arts Building, Hamilton, Aras an Phiarsaigh or ¾ Foster Place. Details are published on the website below.

  10. Electrical and Electronic Equipment - see contacts at 'Further Information'

Further Information:

Contact David Hackett, Ground and Gardens Supervisor on Tel: 01 8961630 and e-mail: or Aidan Byrne on Tel: 01 8963090 and e-mail:


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