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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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Recycling is good but Upcycling is so much better.

Much energy & resources go into producing all the products we use. The majority of a product's 'cradle to grave' carbon footprint is at the production stage. The best scenario is to reuse products to their full potential and avoid buying new.

The following graph illustrates the vast amount of extra waste that is disposed of at end of the academic year, increasing from the norm by weight 40%.

total waste disposed from trinity hall

We do capture some of this waste and divert it to charities or recycling.

One good option is to give away unwanted items via an online resource such as 'free trade Ireland'

Please contact if you have larger items for disposal or if you have any helpful suggestions or requirements for your office or residence.

  • Duvets - Do not throw unwanted duvets in the wheelie bins.These may be washed and reused or sent to Sunflower Recycling (they also recycle mattresses).

In Trinity Hall, students are requested to bring unwanted items such as clean duvets & clothes, electrical items, kitchenware, books, furniture and non-perishable food to collection points in the canteen.

In Trinity city campus, the Green Campus Committee have a system in place for collection and storage of small items of value such as electrical goods and books which can be reused by future students.

accomdation clearout may poster





The system in place in Harvard University at clearout:

Check out the video here - courtesy of Harvard University, MA, USA.




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