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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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Green Campus Committee

Please join us at our next meeting: First Thursday of each month @ 1pm in the Museum Building (except January & Summer).


The TCD Green Campus Committee provides a forum for discussion of general environmental issues in TCD with particular emphasis on changing behaviour for better environmental stewardship and is also the lead organisation for planning and overseeing the various activities held during the annual Green Week. The TCD Green Week is the longest running college green week in Ireland and promotes environmental stewardship to all TCD’s stakeholders. The committee also leads TCD’s green flag programme. The current positions are as follows:




Dr Ronnie Russell


Mr David Hackett


Mr Noel McCann

SU Environmental & Ethical Trading Officer


Env. Society Representative


SU Environmental Officer - 2015/16


Env. Society Representative - 2014/15


All societies and clubs are encouraged to attend.

Societies who have been involved in Green Week include:

Green Campus Committee Minutes:

November Green Campus Committee Minutes (8/11/12)

October Green Campus Committee Minutes (4/10/12)


Aims of Committee:

The primary aims of the committee are as follows:

  • To attain and maintain the College’s Green Flag campus status

  • Promote better waste management and waste reduction programmes

  • Promote the concept of sustainable development

  • Reduce total energy consumption and increase the percentage of energy from renewable sources on campus

  • Reduce the consumption of finite resources (i.e. water and materials)

  • Promote the issue of climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Examine present barriers to practicing environmental behaviours

  • Monitor the current level of environmental education

  • Identifying additional avenues for practicing environmentally friendly behaviours (e.g. additional recycling streams, energy conservation etc.)

  • Collate up-to-date information on state-of-the-art 'green' products

  • Keep abreast of developments in environmental legislation and evaluate College plans to meet future targets


Goals of the committee are as follows:

  • Meet on a regular basis (monthly during term time)

  • Compile written records and recommendations for enhancing environmental practices in College

  • Maintain and increase the level of commitment to the TCD Green Week and the green campus programme

  • Actively encourage discussion on and participation in sustainable activities in College

  • To act as a clearing house for suggestions, feedback and initiatives from all College stakeholders

  • To communicate all of the above via its Green Pages, Green Week and all other means at its disposal.


The TCD Green Campus Committee (formerly known as the College Recycling and Environment Committee (CREC)), originally founded as the College Recycling Committee by the late Professor Simon Perry, has been in existence for almost two decades with recorded minutes on file since 1993. Professor Perry was professor of civil engineering, head of the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He was an ardent supporter of sustainability in the engineering profession and was instrumental in bringing the Luas (light rail system) to the city of Dublin. After his untimely passing in 2002, the Green Campus Committee decided to hold the first TCD Green Week in March 2003 in his memory and the College’s Green Week has grown in strength and status every year since.
Across all sectors of College, people have contributed their particular expertise over the years to promote a culture of environmental consciousness within the institution. As environmental legislation changed over the years the focus has shifted from voluntary activity to formalised requirements for College to meet environmental standards set outside the confines of the institution.
An example of this is the recycling of batteries. In the past members of the group personally collected and delivered the batteries to the recycling facility whereas now we have a battery collection service formalised within College structure.
Changes like this have provided for an opening-up of the spectra of interest options for the group.

Past Issues of Interests and Activities of the Group include:

  • Drafting of College Sustainability Policy Document (2007)

  • Reducing Use of Polystyrene Cups

  • Energy & Carbon Emissions Reduction Campaigns

  • Battery Collection and Safe Disposal

  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling

  • Bottle and Can Recycling

  • Composting

  • Waste Compaction & Littering

  • Biodiversity Awareness Campaigns


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