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Welcome to the Trinity  Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity Green Pages website.
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All data available on Biodiversity and Trees in TCD can be found below:


View TCD Trees and Biodiversity Map in a larger map.


The results of a biodiversity survey produced in May 2013 as part of Intervarsity Bioblitz:


Biodiversity survey may 2013


More information at this link.



Summary of key Biodiversity and Trees projects:


  • A number of green roofs are in use on campus. These are located beside the TCD Long Room Hub, Lecky Library (Fellow Square) beside the TCD Health Centre and on the new TCD bioscience building.
  • Installation of first TCD Biodiversity pond in garden behind TCD Chapel.
  • Creepers on a wide range of buildings across both campus and off campus buildings encourage biodiversity.
  • The Botany Department along with the Schools of Chemistry and Medicine have established a Physic (medicinal) garden on the main campus to celebrate their tercentenaries (2011). The garden displays sixty plants of medicinal interest and an explanatory booklet is available to facilitate interpretation.
  • Biodiversity areas (rugby pitch, Zoology sq.). There are a number of grass areas set aside to encourage increased biodiversity. These are located between House 47 and the rugby pitch, and the triangle between College Park, the rugby pitch and the Zoology square.
  • There are 2 Beehives located in the Dartry gardens increasing biodiversity & pollination of plants in area.
  • Botanical gardens Dartry support of botanical teaching and research by providing living plant material.
  • Tree planting Santry. Current policy of planting 5-10 trees as whips fro each tree removed due to age or storm damage.
  • Community garden Dartry is run by the environment society and produces food as well as supporting local biodiversity.
  • Bird feeders placed across campus (at Zoology building, Luce Hall, Provost's garden and Chemistry building).
  • Provost's garden contains foxes, birds and unique trees.
  • Indoor planting and potted plants across various buildings with good examples in Hamilton building.

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