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Welcome to the Trinity College Dublin Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity College Dublin Green Pages website.
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Welcome to the TCD Green Pages website

End of Term Recycling Drive 2015

Finishing up your exams and moving out can be a hectic time. As you try to fit all your 'odds and ends' of the year into a bag, you’ll often end up throwing away whatever you can’t fit.

This year we are asking outgoing residents to donate any servicable electrical items or text books (in good condition - that you're not bringing with you) to the Green Campus Committee.

We will then provide them to next year's incoming students for free!!!

This will reduce the amount of waste Trinty produces, make incoming student's lives a bit easier and, hopefully, save them a bit of money.

Food that is unopened and in date can also be donated, which will be given to charity.


We have set up ‘drop off' locations on the ground floor of House 6, and in the JCR in Goldsmith Hall that will be available until May 25th.


For all other waste, to avoid overflowing bins all over campus, please dispose of it in the correct coloured bin to facilitate recycling.

  • Green = Dry mixed recycling (Plastic, cardboard, cans)
  • Blue = Paper
  • Red = Glass (clean bottles/jars)
  • Brown = Food waste (for compost)
  • Pink = Clothing (for charity) - Pease Street Gate
  • Black = General waste

Broken electonics can be disposed of in the blue WEEE cages (at Botany Bay - rear of GMB, behind Houses 34-37 near AAP and beside Luce Hall)

Batteries can be disposed of in smaller red bins (House 6, Arts Building, AAP, SNIAMS, and the Civil Engineering Building)

Old mobile phones can also be donated to the Jack & Jill foundation at House 6.



Trinity College Green Week 2015 - ‘Go Green 2015’

Trinity College held their 13th Annual Green Week in February 2015.

The aim of the week was to highlight the need for every member of the College Community to ‘Go Green in 2015’ by identifying with the Green Campus Programme and working even harder to achieve our sustainability targets.

The programme for the week, which is produced by a range of Student Societies, was more expansive than ever with something for ‘all tastes’ - from walks, talks, quizzes, competitions, a Green Jobs Fair, a travel survey, free ‘bike health checks’, etc.

Green Week was launched by Senator David Norris on Front Square, which included a display of the latest technology in electric vehicles, the presentation of a cheque to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children and an address by the Provost, Dr. Paddy Prendergast.

A novel feature this year was the presence one of the founders of Foodcloud who spoke about ‘Green Entrepreneurship’. Foodcloud is a community-based social enterprise that brings food businesses and charities together with an easy-to-use and reliable platform, matching those with too much food with those who have too little. Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien, co-founders of Foodcloud, are both graduates of Trinity College.



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environmental aspects


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TCD Green Campus Programme

Trinity College has been awarded the green flag for its Green Campus Programme. The following document TCD Programme outlines the draft environmental aspects, objectives and targets identified for the College.


It is official College policy to dispose of waste in a responsible and legal manner and to encourage the reduction of waste and promote recycling throughout college. The policy can be viewed by clicking on the following link: College policy on Waste Management and Recycling on Campus


The following is the green survey results from the Green Campus Committee (GCC) and the wider student societies responses to the proposed Green Campus targets.


Trinity College Green Campus Staff and Student survey results.

Quick introduction of the Green Pages


If you have any ideas how to make Trinity a Greener Campus, please share with us via the 'contact us' button.


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Trinity College Green Week 2015 - ‘Go Green 2015’

Trinity College will hold their 13th Annual Green Week from the 16th - 20th February 2015.

Click on this link for a programme of events




Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA) competition Please click on the following link to see details about the

4th Annual Botany/Zoology Postgraduate Symposium 2015

Click on this link for Poster

Click on this link for Booklet

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green week 2015








Litter Blitz for Green Week





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