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Welcome to the Trinity College Dublin Green Pages website.
Welcome to the Trinity College Dublin Green Pages website.
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Welcome to the TCD Green Pages website

Here you will find information on environmental protection in the areas of: waste / energy / water / green procurement / biodiversity / smart transport / resource usage. Also ways to reduce your carbon footprint, helpful hints on making the college and global environment a cleaner and greener place to live, links to other environmental resources and much, much more.

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Recycling ‘Tip of the Week’

Please don’t put paper cups, cans or plastic bottles with unconsumed drinks into the GREEN Dry Mixed Recyclable bins. The liquids will contaminate the dry recyclables and all the contents will then have to be processed as non-recyclables incurring a significant additional cost to College.  


Notice to all Staff

We appeal to staff to comply with the waste segregation arrangements on Campus. We are losing significant quantities of recyclable materials due to contamination. Waste segregation starts at your desk or work station and is the responsibility of the individual. All waste bins and containers are clearly marked so selecting the correct disposal unit is simple. College will be paying financial penalties from now on unless we eliminate contamination of recyclables and increase the recycling rate.

Green Campus Committee


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environmental aspects


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TCD Green Campus Programme

Trinity College has been awarded the green flag for its Green Campus Programme. The following document TCD Programme outlines the draft environmental aspects, objectives and targets identified for the College.

It is official College policy to dispose of waste in a responsible and legal manner and to encourage the reduction of waste and promote recycling throughout college. The policy can be viewed by clicking on the following link: College policy on Waste Management and Recycling on Campus


The following is the green survey results from the Green Campus Committee (GCC) and the wider student societies responses to the proposed Green Campus targets. For further details please attend our next GCC meeting.


Trinity College Green Campus Staff and Student survey results.

Quick introduction of the Green Pages


If you have any ideas how to make Trinity a Greener Campus, please share with us via the 'contact us' button.


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Next meeting: Thursday 7th August at 1pm in Museum Building.

green week 2014

Notice in relation to Green Flag Awareness Day 2013


Green Flag Awards 2013





Litter Blitz for Green Week

Green Week 2013





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