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Postgraduate Scholarships of Limited Application

These postgraduate Awards are available to new entrants and registered postgraduate research students.
(Download information about awards in PDF format

These are available via individual Schools and specific applications are invited as stated under each entry.

  • Peter Beckett Postgraduate Research Award
  • John A. Boland Memorial Scholarship
  • Julian Boldy Bursary 
  • Maureen De Burgh Memorial Prize In Marine Biology 
  • Allen Burke Memorial Prize
  • Business Administrative Bursary
  • Cluff Memorial Studentship
  • Curtis Memorial Prize
  • Elrington Scholarship
  • Ferguson Memorial Prize
  • Franz Fasenfeld Scholarship
  • Henry Flood Research Scholarship
  • Robert Friel Prize In Engineering Structures
  • John Good Bequest
  • Terence Gorman Postgraduate Prize
  • Irene Greene Memorial Research Fund
  • Hincks Memorial Prize
  • Home Hewson Scholarship
  • Henry Hutchinson Stewart Literary Scholarships
  • The Irish Society's Scholarship
  • The Dave Johnston Memorial Fund
  • Grace Lawless Lee Fund
  • W. H. A. Macintosh Prize
  • Microsoft Ireland Prize
  • Frances E. Moran Research Studentship 
  • R. A. Q. Ray O'Meara Research Fund
  • Operations Research Society Of Ireland Award
  • Claude and Vincenette Pichois Research Award
  • Postgraduate Travelling Scholarship In Medicine And Surgery
  • Sarah Purser Medical Research Fund
  • Sheppard Memorial Prize
  • E.C. Smith Scholarship In Pathology
  • Stokes Kennedy Crowley Prize
  • Richard Smyth Exhibition In Tropical Medicine
  • Technicon Research Fellowship
  • Victoria University Scholarship
  • Professor D.A. Webb Scholarship
  • White Postgraduate Fellowship in Irish Art History
  • Dr. John Henry Whyte Trust Fund