Terms of Reference

The Graduate Studies Committee was established in the academic year 1965/66. Initially the members were drawn from Schools and later they were drawn from Faculties. In 2005, Board and Council approved that the membership would be changed to include the Directors of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) so that the membership is now: the Dean of Graduate Studies as the chair of the committee, the Dean of Research, the Directors of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) in the Schools, the President of the Graduate Students’ Union, the Vice President of the Graduate Students’ Union. In attendance are: The Keeper of Readers’ Services, a representative of Information and Systems Services. Up to two non-voting members may be co-opted in order to advise on current or forthcoming academic developments. The Secretary to the Committee is Ms Ewa Sadowska.

There shall be no substitution of members of the Graduate Studies Committee.

The main functions of the Graduate Studies Committee are:

1) To initiate discussion and make recommendations on all matters of academic policy and practice relating to postgraduate study and research, and to report these discussions to the Heads of School Committee and the University Council.


2) To advise the Dean of Graduate Studies in his or her role of reporting to the University Council, including such matters as

a.          admission, progression, and examination of postgraduate students;

b.          proposals for new postgraduate degrees and diplomas, and changes to existing degree and diploma courses and regulations.


3) To monitor, evaluate, and ensure the quality of postgraduate courses and research degrees.

4) To assess proposals for the formation of Graduate Schools, including joining Graduate Schools with other institutions, and to make recommendations on the proposal to the Heads of School Committee or other committees in College as may be required.

5) To monitor, review and report on all aspects of the Bologna process as it relates to postgraduate studies, including European Credit Transfer Systems (ECTS).

6) To advise on the promotion of postgraduate programmes.

7) To consider and make appropriate changes to the University Calendar Part III.

8) To set up the Appeals Committee for Graduate Students as required.

9) To set up the Higher Doctorates Sub-committee as required.