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Module GL4406: Global Igneous Petrology

Module GL4406
Co-ordinator: Dr Emma Tomlinson
Course Type: Optional
Assessment: Theory examination (50%), in-course assessments (50%)
ECTS: 5 Credits
Prerequisites: GL3322 or GL3320

Contact hours & timing:

Michaelmas Term
  Weeks 12-16, seven hours per week

Module Learning Aims:

To gain a broad understanding of magma generation in the various tectonic environments; to become familiar with advanced analysis of geochemical data; to develop an appreciation of the importance of experimental and numerical studies.

Module Content:

This module will provide an introduction to some of the current controversies and problems in igneous petrology. A new topic will be examined each week, starting with an introductory lecture, followed by time for reading and then a symposium session with talks and discussion. Topics range from “do plumes exist?” to “does magmatism cause mass extinctions”.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • use petrology, major and trace element chemistry and radiogenic isotope data from igneous rocks to interpret them in a plate-tectonic framework,
  • read, assimilate and make critical judgement on published research and to synthesise information from a variety of sources.

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Last updated 28 June 2017