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Module GL3328: Structural Geology      

Module GL3328
Co-ordinator: Dr David Chew
Course Type: Mandatory

Theory examination (50%); in-course assessment (50%)

ECTS: 5 credits

GL2205 and GL2206

Contact hours & timing:

Hilary Term

Weeks 21-26, nine hours per week

Module Learning Aims:

This module aims to develop an understanding of structures in three dimensions by introducing the principal means of presenting structural data, namely maps, cross sections and stereographic projections.

Module Content:

This module examines the geometries, kinematics and mechanics of rock deformation. It also deals practically with the representation of three-dimensional structural data using maps, cross-sections and stereographic projections.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • summarise the basics of rock rheology, the concepts of stress and strain, and the processes of brittle and ductile deformation;
  • classify and identify rock fabrics, faults, fractures and fault zone rocks and describe and classify folds;
  • be aware of the principal features of compressional, strike-slip and extensional tectonic systems;
  • be confident presenting and manipulating data using stereographic projection.


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Last updated 23 June 2017