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Module GL3325: Geological Field Skills 2  

Module GL3325
Co-ordinator: Dr David Chew
Course Type: Mandatory

In-course assessment 100%

ECTS: 10 credits

GL2205 and GL2206

Contact hours & timing:

Hilary Term

Weeks 31-32

Module Learning Aims:

To build on the field skills gained in module GL3324, by introducing new techniques, developing and improving geological mapping skills and improving interpretative skills in the field.

Module Content:

Undergraduate field courses provide vital experience in practising core subject skills. Much of this module will comprise a two-week residential field course to a region of active tectonics.  It will comprise a series of exercises in the techniques of geological fieldwork and mapping, and development of an understanding of how the geology of the field area is related to the tectonics of a region.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • accurately locate yourself in the field using topographic base maps, satellite imagery and / or GPS
  • make essential field observations and measurements, including recognition of major rock types and geological structures
  • use a compass-clinometer with familiarity to measure geological structures
  • construct a geological map (field slips and interpretative map) and stratigraphic log and accurately record field observations in a notebook, as notes, sketches or tabulated data
  • construct a geological cross-section on the basis of a geological map
  • identify and interpret a range of sedimentary structures and their depositional environments
  • identify diagnostic metamorphic assemblages in the field  
  • be familiar with a range of volcanic rocks and their modes of deposition and be able to use this information to determine eruptive style
  • to evaluate the regional geology and tectonic setting in the context of an active orogenic belt

Field trip:

An additional cost will be charged for attending the field trip. Please contact the module co-ordinator for further information.


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Last updated 23 June 2017