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Dr Patrick N. Wyse Jackson - Associate Professor & Curator of the Museum

Patrick Wyse JacksonResearch

My research area has focused on bryozoans that range in age from the Ordovician to the Recent, with particular emphasis on Mississippian faunas.  I am most interested in the systematics and taxonomy of the group as well as in the relationship between their skeletal structure and the biological functions of such elements. Recent studies have examined the relationship between epibiontic bryozoans and cephalopods, and boring organisms associated with bryozoan hosts. Currently I am engaged in determining the growth rates of Ordovician bryozoan colonies to use as proxies for climatic change at various times in the geological past.   In addition to bryozoological studies, I am interested in the history of geology and science, particularly in biographical aspects of Irish scientists.  I am currently working towards an in-depth assessment of the life and work of the geophysicist John Joly (1857–1933).

Contact Details

Email:  Tel:+ 353-1-8961477

Current Research and Research Opportunities

I currently supervise one postgraduate student who is studying the Recent marine bryozoan fauna of Ireland, and have the following postgraduate research opportunities at Trinity College, Dublin (Research opportunities).


I teach parts of modules GL2202 (Senior Freshman Introduction to Palaeontology and Stratigraphy); GL3306 (Junior Sophister Palaeoecology & Evolution); GL3310 (Junior Sophister Fieldwork); GL4404 (Senior Sophister Geological Literature & History and Philosophy of Geology) and co-ordinate the module GL4412 (Senior Sophister Laboratory Project). I am co-leader of the Senior Freshmen Wexford Field excursion.

I contribute to the M.Sc. on Biodiversity & Conservation and to the Post-graduate Diploma in Applied Conservation and Building Repair.

I serve as Examinations Officer for Geology.

Publications and Research output

Recent selected publications are listed below

- Books

The Chronologers’ Quest: episodes in the search for the age of the Earth. Cambridge University Press (2006), 296 pp.

Four Centuries of Geological Travel: The Search for Knowledge on Foot, Bicycle, Sledge and Camel. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 287 (2007), vi+415 pp (editor).

Introducing Palaeontology: a guide to ancient life. Dunedin Academic Press, Edinburgh (2009), pp. vii+152.

Geology of Ireland: county by county. Geoschol Books, Dublin (2009), pp. 144 (Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, Matthew A. Parkes & Mike Simms)

Annals of Bryozoology 3: aspects of the history of research on bryozoans. Dublin, International Bryozoology Association (2011), viii+226pp (Patrick N. Wyse Jackson & Mary E. Spencer Jones (eds)).

- Articles and book chapters
1. Bryozoa, palaeontological and geological topics
M.M. Key, Jr., P.N. Wyse Jackson, K.E. Miller & W.P. Patterson (2008) A stable isotopic test for the origin of fossil brown bodies in trepostome bryozoans from the Ordovician of Estonia. In S.J. Hageman, M.M. Key Jr. & J.E. Winston (eds), Bryozoan Studies 2007: Proceedings of the 14th International Bryozoology Association conference, Boone, North Carolina, Martinsville, Virginia, Virginia Museum of Natural History Special Publication Number 15, 75–84.

C.J. Buttler, P.N. Wyse Jackson & M.M. Key, Jr. (2008) Bryozoa from the Ordovician (Caradoc) of Courtown, County Wexford, Ireland. In S.J. Hageman, M.M. Key Jr. & J.W. Winston, Bryozoan Studies 2007: Proceedings of the 14th International Bryozoology Association conference, Boone, North Carolina, Martinsville, Virginia, Virginia Museum of Natural History Special Publication Number 15, 9–18.

G.D. Sevastopulo & P.N. Wyse Jackson (2009) Chapter 10. Carboniferous (Dinantian), pp. 241-288. In Holland, C.H. & Sanders, I.S. (eds). The Geology of Ireland.  (2nd edition). Dunedin Academic Press, Edinburgh.

P.N. Wyse Jackson, E. Cross & R. Swift(2009) Ptilofenestella, a distinctive rare fenestrate bryozoan from the Mississippian of Ireland: new records and an extension of its geological range. Irish Naturalists' Journal 30(1), 76-77.

F.K. McKinney & P.N. Wyse Jackson (2010) The Tangled Core at the Heart of the bryozoan Suborder Phylloporinina, Palaeontology 53(2), 441-456.

F.K. McKinney & P.N. Wyse Jackson (2010) Phylloporina Ulrich in Foerste, 1887 (Bryozoa, Fenestrata, Phylloporinina): proposed designation of Retepora trentonensis Nicholson, 1875 as type species to replace Retepora angulata Hall, 1852 as applied by Foerste, 1887. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 67(1), 38-43.

P.N. Wyse Jackson, A. Ernst & F.K. McKinney (2010) Cyclozooecia in fenestrate bryozoans: a taxonomic conundrum. Terra Nostra 2010/4, 24.

P.N. Wyse Jackson, F.K. McKinney & A. Ernst (2010) Retepora undata M'Coy, 1844, type species of Phylloporella Frederiks, 1916, a junior synonym of Chainodictyon Foerste, 1877: a phylloporinid bryozoan from the Mississippian of Ireland redescribed. Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 28, 53–60.

M.M. Key, Jr., P.N. Wyse Jackson & L.J. Vitiello (2011) Stream channel network analysis applied to colony-wide feeding structures in a Permian bryozoan from Greenland. Paleobiology 37 (2), 287–302.

P.N. Wyse Jackson (2011) Rediscovery of a type specimen of Retepora pluma Phillips, 1836, the type species of Penniretepora d'Orbigny, 1849 (Fenestrata, Bryozoa) and replacement of its neotype, Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 29, 15-18.

P.N. Wyse Jackson, C.M. Reid & F.K. McKinney (2011) The status of Protoretepora de Koninck, 1878 (Fenestrata: Bryozoa), and description of P. crockfordae sp. nov. and P. wassi sp. nov. from the Permian of Australia. Alcheringa 1-14.

S.J. Hageman, P.N. Wyse Jackson, A.R. Abernethy & M. Steinthorsdottir (2011). Calendar scale, environmental variation preserved in the skeletal phenotype of a fossil bryozoan (Rhombopora blakei n. sp.), from the Mississippian of Ireland. Journal of Paleontology 85(5), 853–870.

2. History of Geology
P.N. Wyse Jackson (2008) Sir Richard John Griffith (1784-1878): a portrait in oils by Stephen Catterson Smith (1806–1872). Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 26

P.N. Wyse Jackson (2009) Erratics, intrusions and graptolites. In Mary Mulvihill (ed.), Lab Coats and Lace: the lives and legacies of inspiring Irish women scientists and pioneers, Dublin, Ireland, Women in Technology and Science, pp. 48-59; 173-176.

P.N. Wyse Jackson (2009) Geochronological hits and misses: various attempts to determine the age of the Earth, Open University Geological Society Journal, 29, (2), 95-97.

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M. DeArce, N.T. Monaghan & P.N. Wyse Jackson (2011) The uneasy correspondence between Thomas Henry Huxley and Edward Perceval Wright on fossil vertebrates found in Jarrow Colliery, Clogh, Co. Kilkenny (1865-1867). Notes and Records of the Royal Society

P.N. Wyse Jackson (2011) Irish ‘Rock Stars’: William Acheson Traill (1844–1933), Earth Science Ireland 9, 13.

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