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Dr. Emma Tomlinson - Assistant Professor

Emma Tomlinson



Tel: + 353 1 8963856

Office: 0.18B Museum Building



My research involves applying trace element and isotope geochemistry to various problems in the geosciences.

Mantle Volatiles:

The transport and thus the distribution of incompatible trace elements in the mantle and crust is a reflection of their behaviour during magmatic processes: from melting, through differentiation, to saturation. Thus, incompatible elements provide valuable tracers of igneous processes in inaccessible parts of the Earth’s mantle. Low degree partial melts and exsolved fluids permeate through and react with the mantle, causing localized areas of trace element enrichment, or metasomatism. Metasomatised regions may represent significant trace element repositories in the mantle, and partial melting or assimilation of metasomatised material may generate melts that are enriched in these elements. However, the degree to which metasomatism is localized or pervasive is poorly constrained and the sources of different metasomatising fluids and melts and their relative importance in the mantle are not known. My research focuses on understanding the character and sources of metasomatic mantle fluids, using the compositions of metasomatic minerals and of mantle fluids and melts preserved as inclusions in diamonds.

Tephrostratigraphy and tephrochronology:

Volcanic ash (tephra) forms isochronous marker layers, which allow the various sedimentary records to be linked. My work uses the geochemistry of volcanic ash layers to correlate between marine, lake and archaeological paleoarchives (tephrostratiraphy). In addition, if distal tephra layers can be correlated to proximal deposits of known eruptions, then these can be used as chronostratigraphic markers (tephrochronology). High-precision correlations are critical for reconstructing the timing, rate and duration of environmental changes and hence for testing theories about the causes and impacts of those changes. I also use the composition of the eruption deposits to further to gain insights into the magma source and magmatic processes. Studies of tephra in high-resolution stratigraphic records can also aid in deciphering the composition-frequency-magnitude relations of past volcanic eruptions. This temporal context is critical for reconstructing the eruptive history of hazardous volcanoes. 


Current Students

Brendan Hoare (Trinity College Dublin) – Halogens in the West Greenland sub-continental lithospheric mantle

Donal O'Farrell (Trinity College Dublin) – Halogens in the proto-Iceland plume source mantle

Carolina Rosca (Trinity College Dublin) – Isotope fingerprint of metal deposition onto the Earth surface

Clare Stead (Trinity College Dublin) – cryptic metasomatism

Previous students:

Joanna Cross (Royal Holloway University of London, UK) - Explosive activity Colli Albani Italy: constraints on the chemistry and explosivity (co-supervisor)

Paul Albert (Royal Holloway University of London, UK) - Volcanic glass geochemistry of Italian proximal deposits linked to distal archives in the central Mediterranean region (co-supervisor)

Anna Todman (Royal Holloway University of London, UK) - The last 2000 years of explosive activity, Vulcano, Italy (co-supervisor)


Junior Sophister
GL3322 Crystalline rocks

Senior Sophister
GL4406 Global igneous petrology


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Last updated 13 October 2015