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Name: Oakley Turner

Kyle Heron

Contact Details

Tel:+353 (0) 89 421 9547
Fax: +353 (0)1 6711199

Title of Project

Geochemical vectoring within the Irish Midlands ore field.

Project details

Geochemistry is one of many tools used in exploration targeting new, or developing existing, mineral deposits. Halos, defined as a mineralogical or chemical change to the host rock, are common around hydrothermal ore systems and can extend for some distance from the economic deposit. Whilst many mineralising systems have been characterised, the variation surrounding Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits, a subset of sedimentary hosted Zn-Pb mineral deposits, is not as well understood when compared with other types.

This project aims to identify, expand on and understand chemical vectors attributed to Irish-type systems by analysis at both the macro and micro-scales. Characterisation will take place at a number of prospects/deposits along a northeast-southwest trend in the Irish Midlands known as the Rathdowney or Lisheen trend by a number of analytical and petrographical techniques. Not only will this assist understanding the formational processes involved but also be commercially utilised for targeting.


iCRAG, Vedanta Resources Ltd, Teck Ireland, Boliden Tara Mines

Name of supervisors

Dr Sean McClenaghan

Postgraduate personal details

Having graduated in 2013 from the Camborne School of Mines, obtaining my highest degree as an MSc in Mining Geology, I have worked for 2 years within the mineral exploration sector for base and precious metals across Africa, Europe and South America. Very much a field geologist, I view ore deposit research in the frame of decreasing exploration risk through increased understanding.

Member of the Society of Economic Geologists and the Geological Society of London

Project Start Date

September 2015


Science Foundation Ireland through the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG)

Last updated 9 May 2016