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Name: Maria Isabel Freitas da Silva Vucinic

Maria Isabel Freitas da Silva Vucinic

Contact Details

Tel: +353 (0)1 8961440
Fax: +353 (0)1 6711199

Title of Project

Evaporite diapirism in the Jurassic to Paleogene Mandawa basin of southern coastal Tanzania

Project details

Although the recent research has resolved many geological problems in relation to both rifts along the southern continental margin, many questions remain.  One of the key issues for petroleum exploration along the entire Tanzanian margin is the extent of evaporite deposition and its diapirism.  Both halite and gypsum/anhydrite are present subsurface, with gypsum diapirs having pierced the surface at several localities in the Mandawa basin.  The evaporites potentially provide both seal and a variety of structural/combined trap types in both the Mandawa and Ruvuma basins, yet have never been studied in detail before.  More importantly, our exploratory research has shown that salt diapirism may have taken place at several times during the geological history of these basins and that syn-diapiric sedimentation may have occurred during the Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous.  If so, then clearly a re-migration of petroleum may have occurred either as a consequence of this movement, of if charging was post-diapirism, then a greater number of traps would have been available.  This PhD aims to reappraise the Mandawa and Ruvuma basin evaporites and determine their effects on petroleum play systems along the Tanzanian continental margin.

Name of supervisor

Dr Chris Nicholas

Postgraduate personal details

Graduated in Geology at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and continued for M.Sc. in Economic Applied and Geology at Federal University of Minas Gerais. I am geologist with 8 years in Oil & Gas field working in an integrated environment of G&G applications with seismic interpretation, modeling (2D and 3D, structural and stratigraphic interpretation regional to prospect scale), research assistance, wellsite geologist, mudlogging and Oil & Gas law for license round deadlines and objectives. To mention briefly my previous experience, for 3 years I have spent working as Petrel/PetroMod support geologist for clients and Instructor of several Schlumberger Information Solutions courses in Brazil. I was involved to provide the most suitable attributes for hydrocarbon indicators and also handling reservoir and exploration assets where I have been involved and conducted to build complex structural and petrophysical/facies models in Brazilian sedimentary basins from southern to northern of Brazil.

Project Start Date

March 2015


Science without Borders – CNPq – Brazil

Science without Borders – Brazil


XLII Geological Brazilian Congress, 2004 - Geological and Petrographical analysis of tin deposits from Pedra Branca Granite - Goiás State, Brazil - SILVA, M.I.F. (author); ANGEIRAS, A. G.; SOUZA, L.B.; NUMMER, A. R.

Last updated 31 March 2015