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Name: Antoinette Kelso


Contact Details

Tel: +353 (0)1 8961363
Fax: +353 (0)1 6711199

Title of Project

Distributional patterns of the marine Bryozoa of Ireland over the last 150 years

Project details

This Ph.D. project has two primary objectives.  It will address these two important areas and several questions in each by means of new collecting and the study of historical collections in museums. 

Firstly it aims to document the diversity and spatial distribution of bryozoans around the Irish coast and to account for any demonstrated changes over the last century and a half. This will be carried out by producing a baseline survey of Irish bryozoans inhabiting near-shore habitats and deeper-water continental shelf areas. Historical bryozoan collections in Britain and Ireland will be assessed, identified and taxonomically updated, where necessary. A comparison of the changes in bryozoan distribution over the last 150 years will be carried out. Changes in distribution may be due to alterations in hydrological regimes, acidification of marine waters, changes in productivity, various climatic factors and the arrival of alien species as a result of shipping.

It will also investigate possible changes in water temperature and other factors in the Irish Sea over the last 150 years.  The project has necessitated the collecting of modern bryozoans from various parts of Ireland and subjecting these and older specimens in museum collections to various techniques to reveal the water temperatures in which they grew.  This can be done either by recording Mean Annual Range of Temperature (MART) analysis, a method where the sizes of the individual bryozoan zooecia can be used to estimate the Mean Annual Range of Temperature (O’Dea and Okamura 2000) or by comparing the ratios of various oxygen isotopes in the bryozoan skeleton which provides robust temperature values (Smith and Key 2004).  In addition these analyses will be compared with analyses to be undertaken of various other elements such as Caesium and Strontium which may throw light on factors other than temperature that influence growth rate.

Name of supervisor

Prof. Patrick Wyse Jackson

Postgraduate personal details

I graduated from Biology at Dublin Institute of Technology in 2004. I continued my studies in University College Dublin and graduated with a B.Sc.H in Zoology in 2010. I then went on to complete my M.Sc. in Biodiversity and Conservation in Trinity College. My research project for this course involved carrying out a survey of the Bryozoa present in Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Dublin. This led to a publication recording my findings of 2 non- native Bryozoa species, one of which was a new record from Ireland and the other a new record from the Irish Sea. My Ph.D continues to study Irelands Bryozoa on a national scale.

Project Start Date

September 2011


Kelso A, Wyse Jackson PN (2012) Invasive bryozoans in Ireland: first record of Watersipora subtorquata (d'Orbigny, 1852) and an extension of the range of Tricellaria inopinata
d’Hondt and Occhipinti Ambrogi, 1985. BioInvasions Records 1: 209–214,


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