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Name: Ann-Kristin Kalveram

Ann-Kristin Kalveram

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Title of Project

Characterising dispersed metal plumes in surficial soils and sediments in the Irish Midlands: Using isotope fingerprints to develop vectors in mineral exploration

Project details

My project is part of the ITN Marie Curie IsoNose – Isotopic tools as novel sensor of earth surface resources program. This incorporates several projects in soil weathering, the global water cycle and the metal cycle, using novel metal isotopes to understand the formation of precious resources. Furthermore, new analytical tools for the measurement of novel stable isotopes might be developed within this network. Innovations in metal ore exploration in more challenging environments are the goal of my work package. With the help of trace elements as well as the novel metal isotopes (Cu and Zn isotopes) I intend to detect metal ores and to decipher their generating process.

The focus of my studies is the sub-economic Ballinalack Zn-Pb deposit in the Irish Midlands. In order to point out the effects of sulphide mineralisation on the overlying overburden, I want to characterise the geological setting geochemically.

Samples of soils and glacial tills were collected in the field and host as well as cover rock samples from drill cores. My aims are two-fold: (I) the characterisation of the sub-economic Zn-Pb deposit Ballinalack, in the Irish Midlands. To this end, trace-element laser ablation ICP-MS work supplements petrographic observations of the sulphide minerals sphalerite and pyrite; (II) investigation of the overlying soil BC and Top of the till horizons for fingerprints indicating the underlying sulphide mineralisation by using trace elements, as well as Cu and Zn isotopes.

My ultimate goal is to generate a vertical geochemical profile of the Ballinalack deposit and develop geochemical fingerprints for Zn-Pb deposits for mineral exploration.

Name of supervisors

Dr. Seán H. McClenaghan


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Postgraduate personal details

I am originally from Germany, where I conducted my undergraduate and early postgraduate studies. During my bachelor’s degree studies at the Ruhr-Universität of Bochum, I gained experience in petrology. I worked on volcanic rocks of the Andaman Islands (Indian Sea) and studied their petrology, bulk geochemistry and their olivine-, pyroxene- and plagioclase-geochemistry. I then classified the samples into their tectonic environment: either collision or subduction zone. In order to complete my master’s degree in economic geology, I moved to TU Bergakademie Freiberg. During my Master’s thesis, I undertook a chemostratigraphic analysis of sediments from the Dogger beta of Mittelplate, an oil deposit in the North Sea. After several bulk analyses, I characterised the sedimentary intervals of the deposit and made a new correlation of the sediments. The study was in conjunction with the German E & P Company RWE Dea AG.

Project Start Date

01st of October 2014


The research leading to these results has received funding from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013/ under REA grant agreement n°[608069].

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