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Dr. Lingli Zhou

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Tel: + 353 1 896 1363 
Office: Museum Building, Research Room B


My current research is to develop mineral scale 3-D mapping of metal distribution in sulphide ores with laser ablation ICP-MS/ICP-OES. A particular focus of this project will be to develop software that will allow seamless stitching of elemental maps obtained by the MS technique with maps obtained by the OES technique. The project runs as part of the iCRAG SFI Research Centre, in the Raw Materials spoke, and the main objective is to develop analytical methods for quantifying the occurrence of precious metals and energy critical elements in a variety of Zn and Cu minerals.

Before joining the TCD team, I worked on a number of geoscience applications, including:

  1. Economic geology, with emphasis on porphyry Mo deposit;
  2. Sedimentary geochemistry, with emphasis on clastic rocks;
  3. Mineral synthesis, with emphasis on clay minerals.


GL3318 Mineralogy


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