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Foundation Scholarship Examination

The Foundation Scholarship Examination in Geography

The Foundation Scholarship examination papers in Geography are constructed in such a way as to test the depth and breadth of the candidates’ overall understanding of the discipline.

The Scholarship examination in Geography (Science, Earth Sciences, TSM and Political Science/Geography) consists of two 2-hour examination papers:

First paper: examines the subjects covered in the GG2024 Changing Environments module

This two-hour paper is specifically designed to allow candidates to demonstrate a superior appreciation of the course-based material of the senior freshman programme with an additional list of advanced readings being provided to candidates by the lecturers involved.

Second paper: deals with more general topics within the discipline of Geography

In the second two-hour paper candidates will have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to synthesise knowledge and appraise, critically, the broader issues; thus allowing them to integrate disparate elements in the intellectual discourses within the discipline of Geography.

In this regard, candidates are required to write two essays selected from an unseen list of broadly-themed topics within Geography which will change from year to year.

For further information regarding the Foundation Scholarship Examination in Geography please contact Professor Philip Lawton.

The Foundation Scholarship Examination - General Information

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Past examination papers - including Geography paper 1 (XSCH3017) and Geography paper 2 (XSCH3310):

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Last updated 12 October 2017