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Modules Outline

The Geography programmes at Trinity have a modular structure that combines compulsory and optional core elements, thereby giving you increasing levels of choice as you progress with your studies. You may also opt to take elective modules from other degree programmes in College, and/or from the Broad Curriculum, during your Sophister years.

Every element of the teaching programme at Trinity is associated with a credit value based upon the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This is a student-centred system that is based upon the workload required to achieve the programme objectives. One year of study comprises work totalling 60 ECTS.

One ECTS is equivalent to approximately 25 hours of student input.

Note: Student input does not correlate with the number of contact hours (ie how long you will spend in lectures, seminars and practical sessions). Instead it measures YOUR input and includes not only your attendance at lectures etc, but also the time taken for completing assessment tasks, individual study including assigned reading, revision and examinations. Working outside of class is a vital element of your studies at Trinity, and to meet the ECTS requirements it will sometimes be necessary to work outside of term time or the regular (5-day) working week. Module descriptions include illustrative breakdowns of input time to assist you in planning your work. These breakdowns are guides and precise input hours will inevitably vary between individuals.

Semesters and Module Teaching Blocks

Teaching is delivered in two semesters of twelve weeks with week seven of each semester reserved as a 'Reading Week'. Taught modules valued at 10 ECTS normally run for the entire length of a semester whilst 5 ECTS modules are commonly half a semester in length. Check the module descriptions for timetable information and guidance on required student input.

Further Information:

Most modules will have online material including notes, reading lists and assessment details. You should check the Geography Website regularly for updates and information relating to your modules.

General enquiries regarding Freshman / Sophister Geography which are not dealt with on the website or in the Geography Undergraduate Course Handbook (Natural Science & TSM) should be directed to the Freshman Co-ordinator, Professor Martin Sokol, or the Sophister Co-ordinator, Professor Pete Coxon.

For information on Erasmus Programmes, see Geography Department's EU-Erasmus Programmes.

For information on the Political Science and Geography course, see the Political Science and Geography Handbook and the Department of Political Science.


Last updated 25 January 2017