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Francis Ludlow

Francis Ludlow (Part-time Lecturer)

Telephone: +353-(0)1 896 2357 email:
Postal Address: Department of Geography, Museum Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2.
Teaching Interests & responsibilites:
Francis's teaching interests are in the areas of climate, statistics and historical geography.
Frank Ludlow is a Research Fellow with the Trinity Long Room Hub (since 2009) and lecturer, part-time, with the Department of Geography, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College, Dublin (since 2007). Since 2009 he has been Treasurer of the Irish Quaternary Association. In 2006, he was a Visiting Scholar with the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen's University, Belfast. Here he worked with Prof. Mike Baillie and Mr. David Brown on a comparison of historic records of weather extremes and the Irish oak dendrochronological record. Frank has also worked in University College, Cork (2008-2009) as part of the Extreme weather, climate and natural disasters in Ireland project, funded by the EPA STRIVE program. Frank obtained a B.A. in Geography and Economics from Trinity College, Dublin, in 2003, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics from Trinity College, Dublin, in 2005. He is currently completing his PhD thesis on the environmental record within the Irish annals.
Research interests:
Historical climatology - Irish climate - weather and climatic extremes - impacts of extremes on society and the biosphere - Early Christian, medieval and early modern Irish society and economy - famine - harvest failure - dendrochronology - ice cores - volcanic impact on climate - environmental archaeology - the Irish annals - perception of weather extremes and natural phenomena in historical sources.

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Ludlow, F. (2003) An Assessment of the Disadvantaged Areas Classifications in County Monaghan, 2003. Irish Farmers Association - Research Report, 26pp.

Ludlow, F. (2005) "Interpretation of celestial and environmental phenomena in the Irish Annals" Atlas, 10, 48-60.

Ludlow, F. (2005) "A surprisingly useful source of information about Ireland's past climate - the Irish Annals" Geographical Viewpoint, 33, 26-33.

Ludlow, F. (2006) "Three hundred years of weather extremes from the Annals of Connacht" Journal of Postgraduate Research, 5, 46-65. pdf, 170kb.

Leahy, P., Ludlow, F, Stefanni, B, Reilly, E., Monk, M. and Kiely, G.(In-Preparation) Extreme Weather, Climate and Natural Disasters in Ireland. Dublin: Environmental Protection Agency.

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