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Peter Coxon

Professor Peter Coxon

B.Sc. (Sussex), Ph.D. (Cantab.), M.R.I.A., F.T.C.D.

Telephone: +353-(0)1 896 1213
Postal Address: Department of Geography, Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin


Graduate Research Projects

Possible research topics (these are general areas. Potential applicants should contact me in the first instance to expand on potential research areas)

1. Midlandian Late-glacial (13,000-10,000 years BP) palaeoenvironments in Ireland.
(see Coxon 2001)

2. The biogeography and biostratigraphy of Irish interglacial sequences.
(see Coxon,P. and Waldren,S. 1995 and Dowling et al. 1998)

3. The Tertiary and Quaternary landscape evolution of western Ireland.
(see Coxon and Coxon 1997)

Topic 3 above may receive external funding (Forbairt application) and provide a two year studentship. Will not know outcome of this application until mid-April.

Articles relevant to possible research topics

Coxon,P. and Waldren,S. 1995. The floristic record of Ireland's Pleistocene temperate stages. in Preece,R.C. (ed) Island Britain; a Quaternary Perspective. Geological Society Special Publication No. 96, pp 243-268.

Coxon,P. and Coxon,C. 1997. A pre-Pliocene or Pliocene land surface in County Galway, Ireland. in M.Widdowson. (ed) Palaeosurfaces: Recognition, Reconstruction and Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation. Geological Society Special Publication No. 120. pp. 37-55.

Coxon,P. 2001. Cenozoic: Tertiary and Quaternary (until 10,000 years before present.) in: Holland.C.H. A Geology of Ireland. (Second Edition). Scottish Academic Press, Edinburgh. pp387-427.

Dowling, L.A., Sejrup, H.P., Coxon, P. and Heijnis, H. 1998. Palynology, aminostratigraphy, and U-series dating of marine Gortian Interglacial sediments in Cork Harbour, southern Ireland. Quaternary Science Reviews. 17, 945-962

Last updated 15 October 2015