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Andrew MacLaran

Dr. Andrew MacLaran

M.A. (Dundee), Ph.D. (Dundee)

Telephone: +353-(0)1 896 1712
Postal Address: Department of Geography, Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin


Graduate Research Projects

Unfortunately, Andrew has a full quota of research students and is unlikely to be able to commit to any incoming postgraduates for 2009/10. However, in exceptional circumstances, or where supervisory duties may be shared with another member of staff, he would be prepared to consider applications from well-qualified applicants to work on urban topics.

Current Research Supervision

Postgraduate students currently under supervision

Housing policy and the housing crisis (Dáithí Downey, Ph.D. candidate)

Urban regeneration in Dublin and Paris: community participation and the role of public representatives (Katia Attuyer, Ph.D. candidate)

The incorporation of dissent in the regeneration of Dublin's inner city (Paula Brudell, Ph.D. candidate)

Active retirement organisations and the elderly (Brenda Quigley, Ph.D candidate)

Housing policy and planning in rural Ireland (Claire Downes, PhD candidate)

The changing role of Irish urban planning under a neoliberal agenda (Niall McCrory, MSc/PhD candidate)

Postgraduate students currently under examination

Social enterprises in Ireland (Kenneth Germaine, Ph.D. candidate)

Supervision of completed postgraduate research degrees

A study of the economic cost and social benefits arising from the deployment of local authority housing resources in the Dublin area in the nineteen seventies. (Paul McNulty, M.Sc., 1984)

Office development in Dublin, 1960 -1983. (Patrick Malone, Ph.D., 1985)

The provision of industrial property in Dublin since 1960 (Cecil Beamish, Ph.D., 1990)

The Irish building society movement and the impact of suburban red-lining (Laurence Murphy, Ph.D., 1991)

Perspectives on the nature and role of urban planning in Dublin. (Pauline McGuirk, Ph.D., 1991)

Third World development aid, the Tanzanian experience. (Padraig Carmody, M.Sc., 1993)

Inner city regeneration and the Designated Area policy in Ireland (Brendan Williams, Ph.D., 1993)

Travel patterns in the peri-urban fringe of Dublin (Brendan McGrath, M.Sc., Environmental Science, )

The development of local authority housing in Cork Co. Borough (Garrett O'Sullivan, Ph.D., 1998)

Urban economic regeneration - the role of the voluntary third sector (Michael Punch Ph.D, 2000)

Urban conservation in a comparative perspective: Dublin and Stockholm (Elene Negussie, Ph.D., 2003)

Office suburbanisation in dublin; user-demand, urban planning and property development.
(Sunnhild Bertz, Ph.D., 2003)

Tenant participation and estate management: empowering tenants? (Declan Redmond, Ph.D., 2003)

The Irish voluntary housing sector (Vanda Clayton, Ph.D. 2004)

Economic and social change in the Liberties of Dublin: public policy, gentrification and housing affordability. (Sinéad Kelly, Ph.D. 2008; with Hennessy, M. )

Urban services, public policy and the impact of public-private partnerships (Rory Hearne, Ph.D. 2009)

An analysis of urban public space in three European cities: London, Dublin and Amsterdam. (Philip Lawton, Ph.D. 2009)

Supervision of Maîtrise dissertations (Universities of Bordeaux, Caen and the Sorbonne, Paris)

Residential expansion in Dublin 1960-86: public sector and private sector contrasts
(Martine Thiboust, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1989-90)

Economic decline in the inner area of Dublin
(Jacques Corvé, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1990-91)

Community responses to inner-area unemployment in Dublin
(Bruno Bidar, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1990-91)

Retailing in central Dublin
(Corrinne Nuyaouët, University of Bordeaux, ERASMUS programme, 1991-92)

Government promoted area-based regeneration: Temple Bar, Dublin
(Laurent Fauquet, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1991-92)

Social change in Howth, Co. Dublin
(Carole Silardière, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1993-94)

The planning and social development of Dublin's new towns
(Aline Pastre, Maîtrise, University of Bordeaux, ERASMUS programme, 1994-95)

Community development and conflict in the Liberties of Dublin
(Fabien Lechevalier, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1994-95)

Inner-city apartment schemes in Dublin
(Hélène Louvet, Maîtrise, University of Caen, ERASMUS programme, 1994-95)

A comparison of service-rich and service-poor neighbourhoods in Dublin
(Julie Valée, Maîtrise, The Sorbonne, Paris, SOCRATES programme, 2000-2001)

Economic and social transformation of Dublin’s docklands
(Eléonore de Castaigne, Maîtrise, University of Bordeaux, SOCRATES programme, 2000-2001)

Last updated 15 October 2015