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Graduate Degrees in Geography

Higher Degrees by Research in Geography

The Department has a thriving postgraduate community with many research students.

Postgraduate work is pursued by research alone, leading to the degrees of M.Sc., M.Litt. and Ph. D.

Applications for research degrees are encouraged in fields related to the interests of staff members as described in the staff members' Graduate Research Web pages.

Successful applicants provisionally enter onto the Ph.D. register. Towards the end of their first year, subject to satisfactory progress, they are confirmed on the Ph.D. register. Each postgraduate student is allocated a thesis supervisor from among the departmental staff and is expected to work closely with him/her from the start. All postgraduates present their research plans and findings at seminars.

Higher Degrees by Taught Course in Geography

Geography is a major contributor to the M.Sc. courses run by the School of Natural Science: Biodiversity and Conservation; Environmental Science; Environment and Development.

Last updated 29 September 2017