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Current Graduate Research

The department has a thriving postgraduate community of research students.


Current Graduate Students

Provisional Thesis Title
Rachel Byrne
The labour of trees in Ireland from the perspective of the tenant planter in the eighteenth and nineteenth century
Christopher Chevallier
Ecclesiastical Taxation as a Measure of Wealth and Anglicization in Medieval Ireland: A Geographical Study of the 1307 Papal Tax Returns
Natural hazards
Immanuel Darkwa
Humanitarian Innovation: Adopting Open Innovation models and a bottom up approach to stimulate sustainable product innovations for refugee and displaced communities
John Joyce
Collective action and transboundry water management
Tara Kelly
Characterising submarine groundwater discharge (SGD)-borne dissolved organic matter (DOM) and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) transported to the coastal ocean
Gender and climate justice: Examining climate change policy
Carbon Dioxide Sublimation and Levitation: A New Geomorphic Process on Mars
Alex O Cinneide

Geopolitical and geoeconomic impact of Chinese-funded mega projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

“Sharing Futures” - Reality or Fiction? The implication of food sharing activities on the sustainable socioeconomic development within concept of Sharing Cities
Rock breakdown on Earth and Mars
Are natural resource windfalls a blessing or a curse in democratic settings: a case study, Ghana

Recently Submitted Theses

Thesis Title
Shan Jiang
Evaluation of basin scale fluxes of Nitrogen through groundwater pathways into a coastal lagoon system in Southern Portugal and Ireland
Alexandra Oppelt
Advance warning indicators for the vulnerability of Cold Water Coral ecosystems to environmental change: a basis for sustainable resource management

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Last updated 28 September 2017