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Recently Completed Postgraduate Theses


Thesis Title


Dr Mohd Amir Anwar
An Examiniation of Environmental Conflicts around Special Economic Zones in India
Dr Sam Barrett
Climate justice: Aggregating interdisciplinary understandings into a means of determining "best practices" for climate change policy
Dr Lucy Crockford
The application of high temporal resolution data in the management of eutrophic waterbodies in agricultural catchments
April 2015
Dr Laura Devaney
Governing Food Risk: regulation, communication and biosecurity
Dr Daithi Downey
Irish Housing and the Global Financial Crisis of Urbanisation
Dr Ruth Doyle
Domestic water and energy consumption in Irish households: Designing social, organisational and technological innovations for sustainable heating and washing practices 
Dr Laura Foley
The ecological implications of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), and the application of stable isotope analysis in SGD research  
Dr Sheila Greene
Phosphorus-induced impairment of aquatic ecosystems: evaluating and predicting spatial differences in vulnerability and recovery
Dr Roisin Hinds
The Geography of Labour Conflict and Asian Investment in Zambia
Dr Andrew Jackson
Climate Change and Natura 2000: The Future of EU Nature Conservation
Dr William Tengwen Long
Holocene-aged inundation, vegetation, and early rice-based agriculture on former settlement sites on the Southern Yangtze Delta of China: a geoarchaeological investigation
February 2015
The Geography of the National School Systems in 19th Century Ireland
June 2014
Dr Niall McCrory
Irish urban planning under neoliberalism
Dr Gayle McGlynn
Climate change, volcanic activity, fire and ecosystem response on the Virunga volcanoes of Western Uganda: evidence from sediment records
The effects of human-wildlife conflict on conservation and development: a case study of Volcanoes National Park, northern Rwanda
June 2014
Dr Donal Mullins
How has Chinese investment and trade affected poverty in Ghana?
Dr Sarah Murnaghan
Modelling ecological pressures and responses in a West of Ireland lake
Dr Heather Stedman
Monumental landscapes of the Duke of Wellington in Ireland, Wales and Scotland  
Dr Jiaqi Sun
Recent history of sub-tropical forests in southern China
Dr Juan Severino Pino Ibanez
Alternative Nitrate reduction pathways in sandy sediments locus of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD)  
Dr Andrea Waitz

Environmental history and human impact on coastal peat lands


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Last updated 29 September 2017