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Postgraduate Research at Trinity College

Geography at Trinity College possesses a thriving and highly stimulating research environment with many students currently on the register including registered doctoral candidates.

Students entering onto the research register do so initially either as Masters or Doctoral students. In both cases, they are required during their second year to engage in an assessment procedure to confirm their continuing registration status over future years.

During the course of their research, research students may seek to alter their registration status by upgrading from a Master's degree to a doctorate or, indeed, to transfer from the Ph.D. register to a Master's degree registration.

The Geography Department has excellent accommodation for postgraduates - four large well-equipped rooms and, in addition to the normal facilities of the department (computers, physical geography laboratories, Freeman Library etc), postgraduates also have access to College library and computing facilities.

Trinity College Library is the largest research library in Ireland, having built up its collection of manuscripts, printed books and maps over four centuries. It has the privilege, established in 1801, of receiving all Irish and UK copyright publications. Currently the Library stock of books and journals exceeds three and a half million volumes.

For further information see the School of Natural Sciences Postgraduate Research Student Handbook. and visit Graduate Studies.

Important note on plagiarism

In order to support students in understanding what plagiarism is and how they can avoid it, there is an online central repository hosted by the Library and located at It includes the following:

  1. The Calendar entry on plagiarism for undergraduate and postgraduate students;
  2. The matrix explaining the different levels of plagiarism outlined in the Calendar entry and the sanctions applied;
  3. Information on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it;
  4.  ‘Ready, Steady, Write’, an online tutorial on plagiarism which must be completed by all students -
  5. Details of software packages that can detect plagiarism, e.g. Turnitin.    

Please note that the Geography Local Web Page contains information, documentation and downloadable forms for use by members of the Geography Department Staff and Geography Students only and you will need a TCD email address and password to view this section.




Last updated 29 September 2017