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Starting Research Projects

Here is a list of books which you may find useful when starting research for dissertations or theses:

In The Freeman Library

1. Rogers, Alisdair (2003) The Students' Companion to Geography. Pub. Blackwell
Location: 910ROG

2. Hoggart, Keith, Lees, Loretta and Davies, Anna (2002) Researching Human Geography. Pub. Arnold
Location: Reserve 001.4 HOG

3. Kitchen, Rob (2000) Conducting Research into Human Geography: Theory, Methodology and Practice. Pub. Pearson Educational
Location: Reserve 001.4 KIT

4. Durrenberger, Robert W. (1971) Geographical Research Writing. Pub. Thomas Y. Crowell
Location: 001.4 DUR

5. Eyles, John and Smith David (1988) Qualitative Methods in Human Geography. Pub. Polity
Location: 304.2EYL

6. Lounsbury, John F. and Aldrich, Frank T. (1986) Introduction to Geographic Field Methods and Techniques. Pub. Charles E. Merrill
Location: 519.5 LOU

7. Bell, J. (1992) Doing Your Research Project. Pub. Open University Press
Location: 001.4 BEL

8. Goudie, A. et al (1990) Geomorphological Techniques. Pub. Routledge
Location: Reserve 551.41 GOU

9. Graham, E. (1997) Philosophies Underlining Human Geography Research. In Flowerdew, R. and Martin, D. Methods in Human Geography - a guide for students doing a research project, p. 6 - 30.
Location: Intro. To Research Box in Librarians' Office

10. Gregory, K. J. (2000) The Changing Nature of Physical Geography. Pub. Arnold
Location: 910.01 GRE

11. Lindsay, J. M. (1997) Techniques in Human Geography (Chapter 2). Pub. Prentice Hall
Location: Intro. To Research Box in Librarians' Office

In The College Library

1. Limb, Melanie and Dwyer, Claire (2001) Qualitatitive Methodologies for Geographers: Issues and Debates. Pub. Arnold
Location: Lecky Open Access 910.7P1

2. Parsons, A. J. (1995) How to do your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines. Pub. Chapman and Hall
Location: Lecky Open Access 910 N55

3. Wallman, Nicholas (2000) Your Research Project: a step by step guide for the first time researcher. Pub. Sage.
Location: Stacks PL-345-799 (use call slip)

4. Blaxter, Lorraine (2001) How to Research. Pub. Open University Press
Location: Lecky Open Access 301.072 N6994

5. Dawson, Catherine (2002) Practical Research Methods: a user-friendly guide to mastering research techniques and projects. Pub. How To Books.
Location: Stacks PL-373-63 (use call slip)

Postgraduate Research Books

1. Greenfield, Tony (2002) Research Methods for Postgraduates. Pub. Arnold
Location: Stacks PL-360-468 (use call slip)

2. Wisker, Gina (2001) The Postgraduate Research Handbook: Succeed with your MA, Mphil, EdD and PhD. Pub. Palgrave
Location: Stacks PL-350-661 (use call slip)