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Mission statement

Smurfit Institute of Genetics
Smurfit Institute of Genetics
The Smurfit Institute of Genetics aims to:
  • carry out genetics research at a level comparable to the best institutes in the world.
  • support scientists working in all areas of genetics.
  • provide a comprehensive and state-of-the-art education to our undergraduate students.
  • provide a rigorous scientific training and a mentoring environment for our postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Trinity College builds on its four-hundred-year-old tradition of scholarship to confirm its position as one of the great universities of the world, providing a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where staff and students are nurtured as individuals and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

The College is committed to excellence in both research and teaching, to the enhancement of the learning experience of each of its students and to an inclusive College community with equality of access for all. The College will continue to disseminate its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the City of Dublin, the country and the international community.

Last updated 2 September 2014 (Email).