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Susana Bayo Belenguer
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies


I am a graduate of Trinity College Dublin in Spanish & History (B.A. Mod, M.A., Ph.D.)

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

S. Bayó Belenguer (ed), Getting it Wrong in Spain, Routledge, 2015, 1 - 325pp Book, 2015

S. Bayó Belenguer, C. Cosgrove, J. Whiston (eds). , Living the Death of Democracy in Spain, London, Routledge, 2015, 1 - 323pp Book, 2015

S. Bayo Belenguer, Introduction, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 91, (6), 2014, p1 - 9 Journal Article, 2014

Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 91, 1-2, (2014), 1 - 323p, S. Bayo Belenguer, [ed.] Journal, 2014

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Susana Bayo Belenguer, 'Feminismos y antifeminismos. Culturas politicas e identidades del genero en la Espana del siglo XX. , Ana Aguado, Teresa M. Noruego (eds) , BSS, 90, (6), 2013, p1064-1066 Review, 2013

Introduction in, editor(s)S. Bayo Belenguer, E. Ni Chuilleanain, C. OCuilleanain , Translation Right or Wrong, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2013, pp9 - 35, [S. Bayo Belenguer, E. Ni Chuilleanain, C. O Cuilleanain] Book Chapter, 2013

S. Bayo Belenguer, E. Ni Chuilleanain, C. OCuilleanain (eds), Translation Right or Wrong, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2013, 7 - 299pp Book, 2013

Bulletin of Spanish Studies, LXXXIX, 7-8, (2012), 9 - 321p, eds. Susana Bayo Belenguer, C. Cosgrove, James Whiston, [eds.] Journal, 2012 URL

Susana Bayo Belenguer, Introduction, 'Agonia Republicana: Living the Death of an Era' in editor(s) S. Bayo Belenguer, C. Cosgrove, J. Whiston, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, LXXXIX, (7-8), 2012, p1-6 Journal Article, 2012

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán as Franco in, Alison Ribeiro de Menezes & Catherine O'Leary , Legacies of War and Dictatorship in Contemporary Portugal and Spain, Peter Lang, 2011, pp123-134 , [Susana Bayo Belenguer] Book Chapter, 2011

Susana Bayo Belenguer, Private Correspondence: Esther Tusquets, by Esther Tusquets translated by Barbara F. Ichiisi , Bulletin of Spanish Studies, LXXXVII, (7), 2010, p151-152 Review, 2010

Carvalho Series of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: A Passing in Review in, editor(s)Renée W. Craig-Odders, Jackie Collins and Glen S. Close , Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Detective Fiction, Jefferson, North Carolina and London, McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2006, pp19-45 , [Susana Bayo Belenguer] Book Chapter, 2006

Popular Collage in the Carvalho Series of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán in, editor(s)N. Moody and S. Godsland , Cultura Popular: Celebrating Spectacle in Spanish Popular Culture, University Press of America, 2004, pp26-45 , [Bayó Belenguer, Susana] Book Chapter, 2004

Unpopular Culture: The Fairy Story and Carmen Martín Gaite's Caperucita en Manhattan in, editor(s)Anne White and S. Godsland , Spanish Popular Texts, New York, Peter Lang, 2002, pp191-208 , [Bayó Belenguer, Susana] Book Chapter, 2002

Bayó Belenguer, Susana, A Moral Chronicle: Fiction and History in Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Romance Notes , XLIII, (1 Fall), 2002, p23-36 Journal Article, 2002

Bayó Belenguer, Susana , Theory, Genre, and Memory in the 'Carvalho' Series of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Lampeter, The Mellen Press, 2001, 341pp Book, 2001

Bayó Belenguer, Susana, Teaching Translation and the Cultural Context, The Linguist , 40.3, (June-July ), 2001, p70-74 Journal Article, 2001

The Carvalho Series as Social Critique in, editor(s)Anne Mullen and Emer O'Beirne , Crime Scenes: European Detective Narratives since 1945, Amsterdam-Atlanta, Rodopi, 2000, pp300-311 , [Bayó Belenguer, Susana] Book Chapter, 2000

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

S. Bayó Belenguer, Walter Starkie, Review of Walter Starkie: An Odyssey, by Jaqueline Hurtley , The British BritishSpanish Magazine, (2), 2014, p1-3 Review, 2014

Susana Bayo Belenguer, 'Women at War', International Congress on the International Brigade, Salamanca, 2006 Conference Paper,

Susana Bayo Belenguer, Agonia Republicana: Living the Death of an Era, 13-16 July 2009, Trinity College Dublin Meetings /Conferences Organised,

S.Bayó Belenguer & N.Rooney, Pulling Together or Pulling Apart: Identity & Nationhood -- Spain, Europe, the West, 25-27 June 2015, TCD Meetings /Conferences Organised,

S.Bayo Belenguer/Jennie Rothwell, Women Then and Now in Spanish Theater-Cinema-Television, 25-27 June 2013, TCD, Long Room Hub Meetings /Conferences Organised,

Susana Bayo Belenguer , 'Teaching Translation at Third Level', Language Teaching, Cork University, 2007 Conference Paper,

Susana Bayo Belenguer, 'Biografiction: Manuel Vazquez Montalban', Legacies of War and Dictatorship in Contemporary Portugal and Spain, UCD, 2007 Conference Paper,

Research Expertise


literature of the Spanish Civil War; Manuel Vázquez Montalbán literary & genre theory, especially autobiography and detective fiction; contemporary women writers; translation theory and practice; contemporary Spanish fiction & cinema; Spanish Transition to Democracy; Franco era; Spanish intellectual history; Europe and Spain


20th century Spanish literature, history and cinema; Autobiography; Detective Fiction; Franco Era; Literary and Genre theory; Literature of the Spanish Civil War; Manuel Vazquez Montalban; Spanish intellectual life; Spanish literature; Spanish Transition to Democracy; Spanish Women Writers; Translation theory and practice



Guest speaker, Maynoonth University, 2013; Guest Lecturer (Postgraduate), Univ. de Oviedo, 2013; Talk (by invitation) on Juan Ramón Jiménez and Zenobia Camprubí and reading from the Zenobia Camprubí Diaries, Instituto Cervantes Dublin, 2009; Guest speaker, Univ. de Barcelona, 2009; Guest Lecturer, Univ. de Barcelona, 2007; Guest lecturer, Univ. de Salamanca, 2005; Guest lecturer Univ. de Sevilla, 2004, 2001; Guest lecturer, DIT (Kevin St Dublin), 2003; Guest lecturer Univ. de Leon, 2003; Guest speaker, Friends of the Library, TCD, 2002, Guest Lecturer, Univ. de Granada, 2000

Guest Speaker, Instituto Cervantes (Dublin) 2001

Member (by invitation) of Expert Panel at Symposium "25 years of the Carvalho Series of Manuel Vazquez Montalban", Madrid 1997