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Sophister Reading Lists 2017 - 2018

Michaelmas Term

A Thousand Plateaus

African Literature

American Horror Stories: Narrative, History and Nation

Arthurian Literature


Boyhood and Children's Literature

Creative Writing *(SS students only and places restricted)

Digital Humanities

Early Modern Women Writers

Hawthorne and Melville

Home and Away in Children's Literature

Irish English

Irish Short Fiction

Nineteenth-Century Art Writing

Nineteenth-Century Irish Writing

Poets, Playwrights and Prostitutes: Literary Life in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Postmodern Fiction: Maps, Labyrinths, and Webs

Reading the Irish City

Samuel Beckett: Afterlives

The Art of Non-Fiction

The English Estate Novel

The Victorian Gothic

Theatre in Context: The Dublin Stage 1916-1961

Ulysses in Contexts I


Hilary Term

Caribbean Literature

Childhood, Youth, and Irish Writing

Children's Literature: Collections and Recollections

Dostoevsky *(Russian Dept.) (This module is not available to Visiting students.)

'Everything is in the Way the Material is Composed': Irish Historical Fiction

Global Shakespeare: 20th and 21st Century Adaptions on Stage, Page and Film from Around the World

H. G. Wells

History and Memory in Modern Irish Writing

Hobgoblin Romances and Shilling Shockers: The Rise of the Literary Gothic, 1750-1830

Milton: Poetry, Prophecy, and Polemic

Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

Passions of the Past: Emotions in Old English Literature

Past and Present: Irish Theatre since 1964

Reworking Absolute Metaphors in Seventeenth-Century Drama and Epic

Sensation Fiction

'So Many Selves'-The Representation of the Self in US Poetry

The American Gothic: Landscapes of Fear

The Gawain-Poet

The Seven Basic Plots

The Worlds of Jonathan Swift

Translating Poetry

Twentieth-Century Irish Poetry after Yeats

Ulysses in Contexts II *(Linked module) (This module is not available to Visiting students.)

USAmericn Short Fiction

Virginia Woolf: Literature at War

Writng (About) God: The Victoria Literature of Belief

Writing as Collecting in Modern and Contemporary Irish Literature

Compulsory Course

The Book *(JSSH and JSTSM only) - EN4350

The Book A *(JSSH and JSTSM only MT) - EN3459

The Book B *(JSSH and JSTSM only HT) - EN4373

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