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Information for Sophister Students:

In the Sophister years, students take one compulsory module in 'The Book' and choose from a very wide range of option modules (see the link below). These option modules, which are open to both Junior Sophister and Senior Sophister students, are taught by individual members of staff in their own areas of expertise, in intensive seminars meeting for two hours a week. Students take a combination of year-long and term-long modules. In principle all modules are open to TSM and SH students, though lack of some of the necessary linguistic background may make it very difficult for TSM students to take some of the language-based options.

Because the number in each of these modules has to be limited, a system for the choice of options has been devised in consultation with student representatives. Module choices are made by completing an Option Form (see links below). As the rules for the choice of modules is different for JSTSM, JSSH, SSSH and SSTSM students must be very careful to fill out the correct form. The link below gives you the full list of modules available in 2012-13.