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Incoming Erasmus Students

School Co-Ordinator

Dr Ema Vyroubalová currently serves as the School‘s coordinator for all incoming visiting students. She can be reached at and during her office hours as specified on the staff pages. 

Visiting Student Handbook 2016-17

Visiting Student Handbook 2016/17

Timetables 2017-18

Junior Freshman, Senior Freshman and Sophister Timetables 2017/18:

Michaelmas Term 2016: Important Dates

The LAST DAY of Michaelmas Term is 16/12 and all visiting and Erasmus students should plan to stay at least until this day. Michaelmas only students will need to have submitted all of their essays by this date.
Essays: Michaelmas Term Essays: Information Sheet

Style Sheet

Students studying in the School of English should consult the School of English Style Booklet for citation guidelines.

Information for Students Arriving in January 2017 (Hilary Term)

Hillary Term 2017 Dates: The FIRST DAY of Hilary Term will be 16/1 and the LAST DAY will be 7/4.
Examination Dates: Students with any exams to take will, however, need to be available in Dublin on the dates of their exams, which continue into the end of May (for the latest possible date on which an exam can take place, see Handbook ). Precise dates of specific examinations will not be available until February or March. The exam schedule is made by the Academic Registry and the dates/times of exams CANNOT BE MOVED under any circumstances to accommodate student needs or preferences. Please also note that the School has no control over the scheduling of exams and the School's staff will not be able to provide any further information on this matter, such as letting you know ahead of time when exams will take place. 
Orientation Meeting: A meeting for all new visiting students intending to take modules in the School of English will take place on FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th, 10-11 am, in the Jonathan Swift Theatre (Room 2041A) in the Arts Block. Students taking Freshman (1st and 2nd year) modules only can also sign up for their modules at the end of this meeting. Please bring your Module Enrollment Form with you if you are planning to do this (see below for details). 

Module Admission: 
Although all students were required to submit a Learning Agreement with their applications, the School does not guarantee admission into any particular modules in advance. You will sign up for specific modules in especially organized group or individual meetings, as detailed below. 

Registering for Courses in the School of English:
Students are accepted to study in the School of English in either Freshman only courses or Sophister and Freshman courses. You will need to bring your module enrollment form with you to the registration meeting in order to register. Please note that we cannot accept any student who has not been pre-accepted in advance of arrival by the School of English.

If you are registering for Freshman Hilary modules only you can register with Dr Vyroubalova at School of English Orientation Meeting on January 13th, 10-11, in the Swift Theatre (Room 2041A) in the Arts Block. You will need to bring a Module Enrollment form with you to the Orientation Meeting if you plan to complete your sign-up for our Freshman modules there. We can't sign you up without it:

If you were also approved to take one or more Sophister modules, you will be able asked to sign up for an individual meeting slot with Dr. Vyroubalova. For details see next section. 

Sophister Module Registration Procedure

All incoming students accepted for Sophister modules will be asked to sign up for an individual meeting slot with Dr. Vyroubalova via an online scheduling poll. Their sign up for any Sophister modules will be completed during this meeting. A link to the poll will be posted on this page after January 9th and students will also be reminded to sign up by email once the poll goes live. You should only sign up for this poll if you were approved in advance to take one or more Sophister options in the School.

Doodle Poll for students to sign up for individual registration meetings for Sophister Options with Dr. Vyroubalova HERE. Only students already pre-approved to take Sophister Options should sign up.

Module Codes and Credits:  

All School of English modules with codes in the form EN1XXX and EN2XXX as well as BCENG (Broad Curriculum: Understanding Literature) count for 5 ECTS per term; all modules with codes in the form EN3XXX and EN4XXX count for 10 ECTS per term. Students are allowed to take a maximum of 30 ECTS only per term. Students can take less, if this is allowed by their home university and/or study abroad provider. 

Module Descriptions

Links to detailed information on the modules to be offered during academic year 2016-17 can be found here. Please consult these when deciding which modules you would like to register for:

Hilary Semester Sophister Module Descriptions 2016-17

A Work of One's Own: Women's Fiction Between the Wars - EN4434

An Invisible Literatue: Exploring Science Fiction - EN34A2

Big House Literature - EN4890

Blast - EN4387

Bog Bodies, Bicycles and Big Houses: The Material Imagination of Irish Writing - EN4417

Creative Writing HT - EN4897 *(SS students only and places restricted)

Global Shakespeare - EN4403

Gothic Language and its Heritage - EN4412

Heaney and his Contexts - EN4914

History and Memory in Modern Irish Writing - EN4426

Hobgoblin Romances and Shilling Shockers: The Rise of the Literary Gothic 1750-1830 - EN4355

Milton and the Revolutionary Imagination
- EN4344

Reading the Irish City - EN4398

The Art of Murder - EN4413

The Gawain-Poet - EN4366

The Golden Age of Children's Literature - EN4421

The Medieval Book - EN4427

The Pain of Unbelonging: Writing from Canada, South America and Australasia - EN4907

The Seven Basic Plots - EN4428

The Worlds of Jonathan Swift - EN4405

The Book B - EN4373

Hilary Semester Freshman Module Descriptions 2016-17

Special Courses also open to VS and Erasmus Students: 

  • Reading Ireland (Lecture based Sophister Course: students approved for Sophister Options in advance may take it)

Please click here for further information.

Important Further Information for Incoming Study Abroad/VS/Erasmus Students

  • Trinity Student Learning and Development have published a new brochure: How to Study in Trinity: A Guide for International Students. This brochure aims to inform international students on the various aspects of Trinity’s academic culture and expectations and offers practical advice on how to approach certain academic challenges that international students might experience.
  • General information about module registration, module enrolment forms and change of mind forms can be found on the Academic Registry Study Abroad webpage later in September.
  • Are you travelling a long way from home? Study abroad students can sign up for our free Meet and Greet Service.
  • The latest up-to-date information on application procedures and Visiting/Erasmus Student life at Trinity College Dublin can be found here.
  • A helpful Orientation Map of Trinity College Dublin can be found here.
  • New2Dublin is a meet-up group held every Monday night in the Global Room for all students new to the city (Irish and International).  You can read all about the group and find links to their social media sites here.
  • Securing Housing in Dublin: 
    For those students planning to secure their accommodation after they arrive, please note that there has been a serious shortage of accommodation and prices are high. Please plan to spend some time looking for a place and do plan to arrive before the beginning of the term so that looking for a flat/room does not keep you from starting your academic work. Beware of scams that offer to secure you a place and request that you send them money before you arrive. 

How to Apply to Study in the School of English

Information on the application process for Visiting and Erasmus students can be found on the Study at Trinity webpage.  We can only sign you up for courses in the School of English (which start with the prefix ‘EN’). You will have to register with the co-ordinator in other departments if also you wish to take courses there. English is one of the most popular subjects chosen by Visiting Students, and so we generally have a very large and geographically diverse body of international students with us at any one time. For this reason, places here are limited, and we cannot guarantee that a student will be able to enrol on all the modules that they have applied for, particularly at Sophister level. Please note that we cannot accept any student who has not been pre-accepted in advance of arrival by the School of English.

We ask that all students who are accepted to study here carefully study our Visiting Students Handbook and list of available courses prior to arrival so that registration goes as smoothly as possible.

Many of our Visiting Students are particularly interested in Irish Writing, and this is indeed one of the School's major strengths. However, we also have a several other areas of research and teaching specialty - amongst them eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century literature, contemporary writing, popular literature, American and postcolonial literature. We encourage prospective students to consider the full range of courses available.

Course Reading Lists

Freshman Course Reading Lists 2016-2017 can be found here.
Sophister Course Reading Lists 2017-2018 can be found here.

Student Experience

The School of English has a lively and very welcoming body of undergraduate and postgraduate students who have set up their own literary societies, journals, magazines and reading groups. We encourage visiting students to get involved in student life in College. More information about student societies can be found here.

Students studying at Trinity College Dublin have access to a comprehensive level of student support.  Information about student support can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been accepted for Sophister options. What can I do to prepare for my registration meeting?

Unfortunately, the amount of time the co-ordinator can spend registering each student is limited due to high visiting student numbers and the necessity to meet with every new arrival before the start of classes. Whilst she is happy to provide advice to those unsure of their options, she will not have the time to talk you through your potential choices in detail. It is therefore expected that students will have familiarised themselves with the modules which interest them in advance of their registration meeting. Please check this page regularly for updates. Students should also consult the Freshman and Sophister timetables posted on this page in order to avoid schedule clashes.
If you are enrolling as a Hilary term student, you must be here for the May exam period.

How can I secure my place on a chosen module?

Please note that places on a particular course cannot be reserved in advance of arrival and are allocated on a strictly ‘first come, first served’ basis.  Whilst we generally have no problem in finding students a place on most Freshman courses, when it comes to Sophister modules, it is a very good idea to have some reserve choices in mind in case your first choice is not available.  More information on Sophister modules can be found here.

Who Can Register for School of English Courses?

Only students who have been accepted by us in advance of arrival will be permitted to take School of English courses. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept unanticipated arrivals, regardless of how few modules they wish to take. You should not sign up for a meeting in Fresher’s week unless you have been pre-approved to take our courses.

Can I take a course within the School of English?

If you have been pre-accepted for both Sophister and freshman courses in advance of arrival, yes (although in the case of Sophister options, this depends upon the availability of places on individual courses). Certain Old English courses at freshman level require prior familiarity with the subject matter.

I have been accepted for Freshman modules only, but I’ve seen a Sophister course I’d love do too.
Is this possible?

This is not possible. There is a lot of pressure on places in Sophister level courses, and we can only accommodate students who have already been approved to take them in advance of their arrival.

Can I audit a module?

This is only possible for Senior Freshman option courses, and must be clearly stated on the Module Registration form at the beginning of the academic year. Students are not allowed to audit Sophister options or Freshman lecture courses with tutorials attached. You cannot retrospectively decide that you have been auditing a course. Students will not receive credit for audited courses.

Can I register for any Postgraduate modules within the School of English?

No. Auditing postgraduate courses is also not permitted.

Can I register for courses in other departments/schools during my meeting with Dr Murphy/ Dr Vyroubalová?

The school co-ordinator can only register you for English modules. You will need to see the co-ordinators for the other departments in question in order to sign up for their courses. Any questions about study in another department should be addressed to their co-ordinator.

How do I collect my marked essays if I am still in Trinity College?

Marked essays will be available from Brenda in room 4013, Arts Building. You will be informed that marked essays are ready for collection by an email from Brenda.

How do I get my marks/results/transcripts/essays returned after I leave Trinity College?

A Transcript of Results is sent by the Academic Registry to the student’s home university. The School of English does not give out results. Marked essays may be mailed to students who have left College by providing a mailing address to Brenda Brooks. Brenda will mail all essays after the results are finalised at a School meeting and results are returned to the Academic Registry. Results will be also be made available through the TCD student portal. This process is not carried out by the School of English, so students with any queries regarding online access to results should contact the Academic Registry.








Visiting and Erasmus Student Co-Ordinator Dr. Ema Vryoubalová Course registration +353 (01) 8964722 Arts Building Room 5089
Visiting Students Executive Officer Brenda Brooks Visiting Students Enquiries, induction and administration +353 01 896 1839 Arts Building Room 4024
Global Officer Dr. Julia Maher Prospective Student Enquiries +353 1 896 4723 Arts Building Room 4015
Erasmus Mandy Lockhart Erasmus Enquiries Academic Registry, Watts Building
EU Visiting Students Amanda Kelly EU Visiting Students Academic Registry, Watts Building