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MAI Projects 2017/18

Student Project title Supervisor
Adegbemi, Joseph  Development of a Smart Vortex tube Trimble, Daniel
Al Rubayawi, Tuqa Design and Validation of a Fluid Flow Chamber System Suitable for Examining the Influence of Shear Stress on Cells Ahearne, Mark
Aldakheel, Arwa  Examining vibrations using high frame rate consumer cameras  Kokaram, Anil
Barry, Emmet  Transportation in Ireland in 2050 O'Dwyer, Dermot
Beades, Conor  Energy consumption in low occupancy churches West, Roger
Betts, Nicholas  Fabrication and evaluation of 3D printed polymeric scaffolds incorporating extracellular matrix biomaterial suitable for tissue engineering applications. Kelly, Daniel
Buggy, Rhys  Video Demosaicing using Deep Neural Nets  Pitie, Francois
Butler, David  Machining of freeform shapes in polymer for biomedical applications  O'Donnell, Garret
Byrne, Laura  Quantifying the contribution of diesel vehicle emissions on personal exposure to air pollution in Dublin McNabola, Aonghus
Camacho, Marc-Sebastien  Explore a novel crosslinking technique for bovine pericardium for use in  Transcatheter aortic valve interventions Lally, Tríona
Chen, Xin  TBC TBC
Chiu, Pui Kwan  Indicators for inspection and maintenance planning of concrete structures O'Connor, Alan
Chow, Lorna Development and Characterization of Extracellular Matrix Derived Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications Ahearne, Mark
Clarke, Gavin  Millimetre-wave enabled Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine Communication Marchetti, Nicola
Clinch, Harvey Vector quantization of digital images Dowling, Liam
Comer, Patrick  Design of a passive cooling system for use with thermoelectric generators O'Shaughnessy, Seamus
Conway, Alex  Process monitoring in additive manufacturing and Metal 3D printing O'Donnell, Garret
Coppinger, Ruairi Tuned mass dampers for the control of vibration response during earthquakes Broderick, Brian
Corcoran, Ciara A cantilever bioreactor system capable of electrical stimulation and deflection measurements  Monaghan, Michael
Courtney, Michael  Convective cooling with impinging mist jet flows Murray, Darina
Creagh, Dearbhle A Study of Higher Order Acoustic Modes as a Source of Airframe Cavity Noise: Noise Attenuation with liners Bennett, Gareth
Cronin, David  Incremental Firmware Updates Dukes, Jonathan
Cunniffe, Michelle Investigation of UV-LED water treatment process Gill, Laurence
Da Ponte, Matteo A Novel Acoustic Liner Design Bennett, Gareth
Dawson, Claire  Slosh free transport of a large liquid filled tank McKeown, David
Dawson, John  Cryogenic Machining of Biomedical Grade Materials Trimble, Daniel
Dickson, Cormac Studies on solitary waves Basu, Biswajit
Dover, Jane  Metamaterial Testing for Vibration and Acoustic Applications Rice, Henry
Dullaghan, Ryan  BIM @Oisin House West, Roger
Dunne, Eamon  Detecting product placement OR smoking Dawson-Howe, Kenneth
Ekky, Alaa  Communication Theoretic Analysis of Brain Cortical Circuits Marchetti, Nicola
Ellis, Patrick  Measurement of the unsteady wind conditions in an urban environment Meskell, Craig
Falana, Femi  Development of an Energy Efficient Air Pollution Control System for Building Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems McNabola, Aonghus
Farag, Owen  Cryo-fixture characterisation for manufacturing applications O'Shaughnessy, Seamus
Fenelon, Sean  The development and clinical investigation of a novel pressure sensor to
record the pressure that venous compression therapy applies over a 48-72hr time period
Murphy, Bruce
Ffrench, Conor Fabrication and characterization of 3D printed polymeric scaffolds with open porosity suitable for tissue engineering applications. Kelly, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Simon  TBC Weber, Stefan
Flachsbarth, Karl-Philipp Spaciousness and 360 Audio Bates, Enda
Flanagan, Tara  Experimental study of bubble impact and sliding characteristics Murray, Darina
Flood, Isobel Development of a fibrous tissue engineering scaffold for controlled drug delivery using coaxial electrospinning Hoey, David
Flynn, Cian  TBC Lawless, Seamus
Foley, John  TBC TBC
Fox, Peter Noise Source Identification from Wind Turbines using Phased Array Beamforming Bennett, Gareth
Frampton, Lara  Mechanics of passive skeletal muscle: the relationship between stress relaxation and osmotic pressure. Simms, Ciaran
Frank, Felix  Characterisation of a Pulsed LED System for High Dynamic Range Particle Image Velocimetry  Persoons, Tim
Freeman-Stannett, Tymora  An assessment of the potential of rammed earth construction in Ireland. Pavia, Sara
Garvey, David Exploring the circular economy of infrastructure using life cycle assessment Gallagher, John
Gendy, Helen  Use of mobile phones while driving O'Mahony, Margaret
Geraghty, Aoife  Manufacture of bespoke energy absorbing materials using additive manufacturing Lupoi, Rocco
Gildea, John Development and mechanical characterization of a novel double networked hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineering applications Hoey, David
Gilmer, Richard  Development of a micro-hydropower pressure control system for energy recovery in water distribution networks McNabola, Aonghus
Gleeson, Eoin  Inverse dynamics modelling of head kinematics in rugby  Simms, Ciaran
Greene, Alastair  Experimental investigation of Savonius turbine for wind energy in the built environment. Meskell, Craig
Griffin, Piaras Development of an electrospinning apparatus to produce aligned fibrous scaffolds for ligament tissue engineering.   Hoey, David
Grogan, Peter Modelling the seismic response of wind turbine towers Broderick, Brian
Guionneau, Edward  Use of phase change materials in solar energy applications  McCormack, Sarah
Gupta, Siddharth   

Ahmad, Kurshid

Harrold, Stephen  Forward dynamics modelling of head kinematics in rugby  Simms, Ciaran
Hayden, Conor Highly Elastic and Tough PEGDA-Alginate Hydrogels Crosslinked using Visible–light for Bioprinting Applications Buckley, Conor
Heaphy, David  Development of a Device for IOL Extraction after Micro-Milling  Trimble, Daniel
Heeney, Ciaran  Development of a low-cost PV cell solar tracker for use in developing countries O'Shaughnessy, Seamus
Heeney, Cillian  Experimental verification of controllers for fluid sloshing suppression McKeown, David
Hennessy, Niamh  Mechanics of passive skeletal muscle: second harmonic generation microscopy applied to study muscle extracellular matrix structure during applied deformation  Simms, Ciaran
Higgins, Amber  Design Characteristics of Honeypots - with an Aim to Study Botnets Weber, Stefan
Hone, Timothy  Make something out of bamboo (4) Taylor, David
Hunter, Ben Laser annealing of cold spray deposits for additive manufacturing applications Lupoi, Rocco
James, Aidrus Development and fabrication of a direct printing Biopen for use in orthopaedic applications Buckley, Conor
Jennings, Sam  3D Building Information Modeling with Googles Tango (title TBC) McGlinn, Kris
Kavanagh, Mark  Engineering Optimisation O'Dwyer, Dermot
Keane, Sarah  Economics of the Internet of Things Iosifidis, George
Kilroy, Dean  Finite Element Analysis in Machining Systems for Aeroengine Components  O'Donnell, Garret
Kingston, Sarah  No title or subject area specified Brady, Mike
Lefevre, Benoit  Make something out of bamboo (1) Taylor, David
Levins, Shona  Measurement of the Dissection Resistance of Porcine Carotid and Coronary Arteries Lally, Tríona
Long, Jennifer  Metal 3D printing for prosthesis manufacturing   Lupoi, Rocco
Lundy, Oran  Performance of hydrofoils (1) Meskell, Craig
Marron, Ian  Design of a wearable inertial measurement unit for equine biomechanics  McKeown, David
McCormack, Daniel  Unspecified AI project Ahmad, Khurshid
McDermott, Eadaoin  Active Flow Control for Drag Reduction on a Bluff Body in Cross-Flow Persoons, Tim
McDonagh, Colin  TBC TBC
McDonnell, Diarmuid  Simulating Puzzles or Games in Functional Programming Gibbons, Hugh
McDonnell, Emily Exogenous crosslinking of nucleus pulposus disc tissue with genipin and glyoxal to stabilise biomechanical functionality Buckley, Conor
McKay, Darragh  Sentiment Analysis project  Ahmad, Khurshid
McMahon, Callum  Laser engraving of glass for cold spray deposition Lupoi, Rocco
McMenamy, Siun  Impact of harvesting biomass/energy from Irish forestry on the environment. Xiao, Liwen
McNally, Philip  Practical Heat Transfer Technology for Extreme Over-Clocking  Robinson, Tony
McSweeney, Eleanor  The effect of thermal cycling on thermoelectric generators O'Shaughnessy, Seamus
McWade, Stephen  An Agent-Based Modelling Approach to Model Resource Allocation in 5G Networks Marchetti, Nicola
Mercer, Eugene  Effect of simulator-based training on manual control performance in service robots McGinn, Conor
Molloy, Harry  An Experimental-Numerical Shape Optimization Methodology for Heatsinks Persoons, Tim
Molloy, Robin Robust Watermarking of Digital Images Dowling, Liam
Moran, Robyn Fatigue analysis of wind turbines Fitzgerald, Breiffni
Mulcahy, Cian  Ex vivo assessment of growth around intravascular stent struts Lally, Tríona
Mullane, Rachel Design and Production of an Inflation Mechanical Characterization System for Soft Biological Tissue. Ahearne, Mark
Myers, Alan Development of a mechanically coupled lung model to demonstrate and study lung mechanics and pneumothorax (in collaboration with Dr. G. Ryan) Geraghty, Dermot
Nolan, Sorcha  IoT Security Protocols Weber, Stefan
Noonan, Clara  Make something out of bamboo (3) Taylor, David
O'Brien, Cara  TBC McGinn, Conor
O'Brien, David Development of Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems for on-site waste water treatment units McNabola, Aonghus
O'Connor, Barry The study of the use of a geographical information system (GIS) in a smart grid Harty, Niamh
O'Donoghue, Martin The Analysis & Finite Element Modelling of Diamond Impregnated Metals Dwan, James and Taylor, David
O'Gorman, Eoin  Machine Learning Dahyot, Rozenn
O'Hara, Thomas  Variable speed limits to reduce congestion O'Mahony, Margaret
O'Kelly, Tiarnan A novel design of a pneumatic air muscle McGinn, Conor
Omar, Kifle Condensation Heat Transfer on Structured Surfaces Robinson, Tony
O'Miochain, Stiobhart Development of a non-subjective test to determine a patient’s nervous system function Murphy, Bruce
O'Rourke, Fergus  Development and improvement of a fixation system for a transcatheter mitral valve replacement system Murphy, Bruce
O'Rourke, Gemma  Relevance in Web Search/The Search For the Searcher Lawless, Seamus
O'Rourke, Sarah  Natural convection heat loss from arrays of heated cylinders Murray, Darina
O'Sullivan, Kevin  Transmission of Biomedical Sensor Data over Low Power Wide Area Networks Dukes, Jonathan
Pashaj, Esidor  Automated Grading of Student Submissions  Kokaram, Anil
Peres, Gaetan  Design and characterisation of a novel valve for use in robotic actuation McGinn, Conor
Petherbridge, Katie  Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium to polymers / composites  Trimble, Daniel
Purcell, Michael Performance of hydrofoils (2) Meskell, Craig
Rawlinson, Nimai  Make something out of bamboo (2) Taylor, David
Rock, Katie Development of an Internet of Things (IOT) sensor for detection of Air Borne Particulate Pollutants (PM10 and PM2.5) Geraghty, Dermot
Rogan, Cliona  Design of a Luas line from Dublin city centre to Rathfarnham and Templeogue O'Mahony, Margaret
Sanchez De Mora Parody, Santiago  Community based renewable and energy efficiency installations  McCormack, Sarah
Schild, Timon  Control of a Satellite with large flexible solar arrays  McKeown, David
Sevrukas, Martynas  Software-defined radio and D2D implementation  DaSilva, Luiz
Sexton, Ben Luminescent Solar Devices for Building Integrated Components McCormack, Sarah
Sexton, Eoghan  Structural testing of Geopolymer Concrete Sandwich Panels (Jointly supervised by Dr Oliver Kinnane of UCD) West, Roger
Shanahan, Paul  Assessment of Patient Dietry Trends in Hospital Environments using Computer Vision Lacey, Gerard
Stefanaki, Emmanouela  Forced convective drying of a porous body Murray, Darina
Tieo, Edgar  Development of a compliant skin-like bumper for service robots McGinn, Conor
Tierney, Fionan  Velocimetric Methods using Schlieren Optics Murray, Darina
Uwadiae, Hanker Ehioze  Enhanced Boiling on Structured Surfaces Robinson, Tony
Wells, Paul Fluvial Sediment Export from Agricultural Catchments  Gill, Laurence
Wong, Song Nga A bioreactor membrane system to recapitulate ventricular wall strain during systole and diastole Monaghan, Michael